Katherine Scheu
Katherine Scheu

A Michigan native, Katie studies French and journalism at Hillsdale College, where she serves as assistant culture editor at the Hillsdale Collegian. Her work has appeared in Verily Magazine and Liberty Headlines.

‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Will Succeed, If The Film’s Political Agenda Doesn’t Drown Out The Story

The film will succeed if the women unite their creative prowess with the genius Madeleine L’Engle displays in her 1962 sci-fi novel.

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Snapchat has dedicated an entire page to glorified advertisements posed as news and lifestyle articles. This multimedia mayhem often contains graphic, R-rated content.

Professors Shouldn’t Be Signing Free-Speech Pacts Alone. Students, Step Up

A long list of professors have agreed to challenge their classrooms, and this will make a difference within the lecture halls, but that’s not enough.