Jon N. Hall
Jon N. Hall

Jon N. Hall is an old-time programmer/analyst of IBM mainframes. In other words, he’s a dinosaur. His blog is:

Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare Was Never ‘Free-Market’ And Neither Are Its Replacements

The health insurance market has not been truly free since 1945, when Congress passed the McCarran-Ferguson Act.

Obamacare’s Basket Of Insurance Mandates Should Be The First Thing To Go

If the Obamacare mandates are not repealed, it would be a serious betrayal of voters, and grounds for mounting primary challenges to incumbents.

Musical Tipoffs Are Key To Why ‘Vertigo’ Is One Of The Greatest Movies Ever

With the score, the story of ‘Vertigo’ recedes in importance and the movie lover can luxuriate in the fusion of two art forms, the visual and the musical.