John Hirschauer
John Hirschauer

John Hirschauer is a freelance journalist who writes about religion, culture, and politics. His work has appeared in National Review Online, The New York Times, The Federalist, and others.

Democrats Pledge To Fight Trump Rule Ensuring Banks Won’t Refuse Service To Conservatives

Banks have a duty to provide proportionate access to financial services, even for clients involved in legal but politically controversial industries.

Kavanaugh Hearings Show That Any White, Male Scalp Will Do For Progressives

If Kavanaugh’s children are forced to wonder whether their father is a gang-raping sex predator based upon an uncorroborated allegation from 36 years ago, it’s of little consequence. History’s ledger would be one white male closer to being rectified.

7 Practical Strategies For Addressing America’s Mental Illness Crisis

The mere fact of an emerging consensus on the proposal that we rethink our national aversion to inpatient psychiatric care is profound, given the polarization of our time.