John Hayward
John Hayward

John Hayward is the senior writer at Human Events magazine, and a contributor on political, cultural, and technology issues to various websites. He is the author of “Doctor Zero: Year One,” a collection of political and cultural essays, and “Persistent Dread,” an anthology of short horror fiction available in ebook format from

We Live In The Age Of The Bully

A bully can win by raising the cost of resistance above what his victims are willing to pay. And people aren’t willing to risk much for even minor inconvenience any more.

The Perils Of Kleptocracy

Pick a global crisis today, and the odds are good that it either began, or was exacerbated, by a political elite bent on looting the national treasury.

Unilateral Disarmament In The Culture Wars

When the government grows to its current size, everything is a social issue. So if there’s a call to disarm in the culture wars, it’s entirely one-sided.