Jeremy Lott
Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott is a creator of comic books.

Many Hong Kongers Have An Exit Strategy: Canada

As the pro-Beijing crackdowns escalate in Hong Kong, many residents will consider relocating to Canada. After all, they have a right to be there.

The Economist Has Given Up On Liberalism

Even as The Economist drifts further and further into progressivism and away from the liberalism of its founding, it still claims to be liberalism’s true, authentic voice.

A Mother And Father Say Goodbye To Their Fierce, Stillborn Daughter

Like so many other things about this pregnancy, Cecelia’s end surprised me. I had assumed that she faded away. But like philosophers, we writers imagine and mothers know better.

Poll Finds DC Is Out Of Touch With Americans On Foreign Policy

When asked if America’s foreign policy since 9/11 has made us more or less safe, a non-dangling-chad majority (51 percent) said ‘less safe.’

John Kerry’s Tenure As Secretary Of State Has Been A Complete Disaster

The Atlantic described John Kerry’s vision for America as ‘globalist, engaged and deeply interventionist.’ We should also add ‘ruinous and immune to experience.’

Why Generals No Longer Run For Office

The larger reason for the dearth of generals in American political leadership has to do with the way we wage war today.

Would President Trump Keep Us Out Of War?

Donald Trump has contradicted himself about whether he supports fighting in Iraq and Libya, so it’s likely we have no idea whether he would keep America out of wars or create new ones.

Marco Rubio’s Vision For America Includes War

To Marco Rubio, American exceptionalism means engaging in foolhardy foreign wars that endanger America’s national security.

Does Marco Rubio Have A Prayer?

Late-deciding South Carolina primary voters went for Marco Rubio over both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Prayer could help explain why.

I’ve Seen Better Devils Than Fox’s ‘Lucifer’

Tom Ellis almost redeems ‘Lucifer,’ but not quite. Too bad Fox abandoned the comic-book source material, which better depicts the Devil’s sheer willfulness.

A Good Doctor On Dying A Good Death

Beloved physician Oliver Sacks leaves behind a posthumous book ‘Gratitude,’ offering a valuable perspective on science, miracles, and everything in between.

What Happened When A White Kid Pretended To Be Martin Luther King Jr.

I was trying to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by reading his speech in character. There’s one problem. I’m a white kid from the Pacific Northwest.

How Small American Movie Theaters Stood Up To North Korean Thuggery

While everyone else chattered about North Korea’s threats regarding ‘The Interview,’ small theaters took action for free speech.

Eric Garner’s Widow Is Right To Reject The Race Card

In the video of Eric Garner’s death, we saw the police harassing, not a black man, but a fellow American.

Scientists Still Can’t Find UFOs, And They Should Stop Trying

Many scientists are convinced that UFOs exist and we should expend time and billions to find them. What if they’re wrong?

Conservatives Should Stop Crying Pot!

The more conservatives freak out about pot legalization in Colorado and Washington, the more likely voters will be to tune them out in the future.