Jason Rantz
Jason Rantz
Jason Rantz

Jason Rantz is a Seattle-based talk show host on KTTH Radio and a frequent guest on FOX News. Follow him on Twitter @JasonRantz and subscribe to his podcast.

Mass Resistance Arises As Washington Makes It Nearly Impossible To Get Vaccine Exemptions

It’s unlikely Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee expected this level of pushback. In progressive Washington, it’s rare to see such bipartisan ire towards an Inslee policy. How will he respond?

Washington State’s New Laws Handcuffing Police Will Increase Crime And Chaos

The laws make policing less effective. They will likely lead to more suspects being injured — the exact opposite of what Democrats said they intended.

Washington State Mandates Critical Race Theory In All Public Schools

While critical race theory training is pitched as a way to ensure ‘equity’ in the classroom, in truth, it’s far more sinister.

Heroin, Crack, You Name It — Washington State Supreme Court Just Legalized All Drug Possession

Under the guise of ‘fixing’ a dubious court ruling, Washington Democrats are poised to get the result they wanted all along: drug legalization.

No, CPAC’s Stage Layout Wasn’t A Secret Nazi Symbol, And It’s An Offensive Claim With Zero Evidence

The Hyatt brand of hotels is the latest victim of a boycott campaign from leftist activists upset conservative leaders have a place to share their ideas.

Seattle Tax Dollars Provide Heroin Pipes, ‘Booty Bumping Kits’ To Homeless Addicts

The city knows addicts will continue their addiction regardless of what case managers say, so instead they offer a free ‘booty bumping kit’ as a ‘good choice if your veins are hard to hit.’

The Middle Class Will End Up Paying For The Left’s War On The Rich

As the war on the rich continues to escalate on both coasts, it’s the middle-class residents of blue states that will be stuck with the tab.

Biden Is Hiring People By Race And Sex. Here’s How That Failed Epically In Seattle

Biden talks about his team as if he asked to see headshots over resumes. Ultimately, that’s a surefire way to upset just about everyone.

Democrats Now Condemn Political Violence En Route To Grabbing Power

If Democrats can get voters to identify conservatism as racist and Republicans as white supremacists, it makes it a lot easier to win elections.

Why Ben Carson Must Reject Seattle’s Scheme For Homeless Encampments

This would be another thread in a long string of local moves that give the appearance of helping the vulnerable homeless population while instead exacerbating the problem.