James Taylor
James Taylor

James Taylor is a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute and an amateur poker enthusiast. Taylor has played in three World Series of Poker events, including finishing 15th in a field of 4,620 at the 2012 WSOP. He maintains a personal website at www.JamesTaylorPolicy.com.

Blame Inept Bureaucrats And Environmentalists For California Wildfires, Not Global Warming

The fact that wildfires are no more frequent or severe during recent decades is remarkable considering anthropogenic changes that should make wildfires more prevalent.

Is The Swamp Swallowing The Washington Examiner’s Energy And Climate Reporting?

A publication that has built a reputation for fair and non-biased reporting has lately been inserting leftist propaganda into its energy and environment coverage.

6 Ways Obama Is Unconsciously Championing Conservative Energy Policy

President Obama said we cannot ‘pay lip service to conservation but then refuse to do what’s needed.’ Conservatives should hold him to that.

Global Warmists Angry Half The Earth Isn’t Covered In Ice

A new study suggests global warming has prevented another ice age, and global warming fanatics are really upset.

Global Warming Carpetbaggers Misfire In Florida Attack Ads

If Florida eliminated its carbon dioxide emissions, it would make no difference to global temperatures. Tell that to billionaire Tom Steyer’s attack team.

New Berkeley Earth Guide Finds Areas of Climate Agreement

With several notable exceptions, ‘A Skeptic’s Guide to Climate Change’ is a welcome departure from alarmist climate-change rhetoric.

Obama’s CO2 Restrictions Hit Hardest in Key Senate States

There’s a clash between the Obama CO2 policies and the interests of Democratic candidates in key U.S. Senate races.

Did Newsweek Really Claim Antarctic Sea Ice Is Melting?

Antarctic sea ice is undergoing dramatic long-term expansion despite a Newsweek article this week claiming the opposite.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Global Warming Alarmism

On the show “Cosmos,” Neil DeGrasse Tyson tries to scare viewers into believing runaway global warming could strike Earth and ruin our planet.

No, Global Warming Ignorance Doesn’t Justify Bigger Government

American Enterprise Institute blogger James Pethokoukis recently fell prey to the latest liberal excuse to enact progressive climate change policy.

Is It Time to Let Adults Play Online Poker Again?

While some justifications will exist, it is hard to make a compelling or consistent case for taking away the right of consenting adults to play online poker.