James B. LaGrand
James B. LaGrand

James B. LaGrand is a Professor of American History at Messiah College.

Here’s A Christmas Pop Music Playlist That Won’t Drive You Insane With Schmaltz

If you need an antidote to vanilla and dumbed-down Christmas music at this time of year and don’t feel like confronting your school, choir, or town official, there’s a solution.

1963’s ‘Hud’ Shows Why Donald Trump Isn’t A Real Man

Despite his grand call to make America great again, Trump feeds on the growing cynicism of many Americans, insisting that holding to principles and following the rules is only for losers.

Muslim Soccer Stars Should Lead Global Denunciation Of Terror Attacks

Of the scores of Muslim footballers playing in France and elsewhere in Europe, none have yet spoken up forthrightly about the Paris terrorist attack.

Bob Dylan’s Benediction For Today’s Graduates

Dylan’s “Forever Young” is a powerful benediction for young people graduating from high schools and colleges in today’s America for a number of reasons.