Jake Curtis
Jake Curtis

Jake Curtis is a Milwaukee attorney. He previously served as the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ chief legal counsel under Gov. Scott Walker and as an associate counsel at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Battle Pits Grassroots Conservatives Against 2020 ‘Blue Wall’

While his opponent hopes to bring her focus on social justice to the state Supreme Court, Justice Dan Kelly wishes to ‘assiduously patrol the borders between the branches.’

If Tim Kaine Thinks His Son’s Trump Protest Was ‘Peaceful,’ What Would Be Violent?

Those known as the ‘resistance’ are fundamentally and potentially irrevocably altering the norms of civil discourse rooted in the First Amendment.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin Refuses To Give Neil Gorsuch The Courtesy Of A Fair Hearing

Wisconsin’s junior senator could not hold out for more than 48 hours before giving in to deep partisanship and vindictiveness on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

How To Stop The Feds From Micromanaging The Country

A proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution would give states the authority to repeal a federal rule or regulation by a two-thirds majority.