Emma Freire
Emma Freire
Emma Freire

Emma Freire is a freelance writer who has lived in Brazil, South Africa, and Europe. She is a 2021-2022 Robert Novak journalism fellow for the Fund for American Studies.

Of All The Third-World Cities I’ve Lived In, Baltimore Was The Worst

In South Africa, citizens learned to do without mismanaged public services or developed workarounds, something Baltimore residents haven’t learned yet. 

Stepping Down From The Crown Is Proving To Be Quite Lucrative For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

They can rake in millions; they can say and do whatever they please with no one holding them to account; and, at the end of the day, they can still claim to be victims.

5 Ways To Help Your Child Not Grow Up To Be A Socialist

According to a study last year, 70 percent of millennials and 64 percent of Zoomers say they would vote for a socialist candidate. Good job, America.

Why AOC’s Ideas About Fertility Will Lead To Heartache

In 2020, the women we lionize are freezing their eggs until they’re 50 and embracing ‘dog motherhood’ in the meantime. Working with nature instead of against it is a better way.

Keeping Kids From Seeing Smut Will Take A Lot More Than Canceling Netflix

Bringing about meaningful change in the wake of ‘Cuties’ is going take a lot more effort than just canceling your Netflix account.

‘Finding Freedom’ Does Nothing To Rehab Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Image

If Harry and Meghan are serious about winning over some of the people who dislike them, they will need to find a better vehicle than ‘Finding Freedom.’

When I Live Abroad, What I Miss Most About America Might Be Walmart

Walmart receives a lot of hate, but when it’s not around, you realize how much you miss its low prices, well-stocked shelves, and wide selection of goods.

Meghan Markle Thinks You Need To Hear More Platitudes From Her Right Now

Duchess of Sussex and celebrity figure Meghan Markle is back in America. We should probably get used to hearing from her — whether we want to or not.

What It’s Like To Live In Sao Paulo, The South American Coronavirus Epicenter

Some fellow American expatriates have decided to return home. But I’m staying. I believe my odds of survival in Sao Paulo are as good as anywhere else in the world.

5 Great Streaming Shows To Take Your Mind Off Coronavirus Madness

Let’s hope that by the time we get through binging these non-post-apocalyptic shows, the worst of this coronavirus crisis will have passed.

In Royal Showdown, Queen Elizabeth Bests Meghan Markle

Harry is alleged to have yelled at staff, ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!’ Apparently, that doesn’t apply when Meghan goes up against Queen Elizabeth II.

Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Book Of Gutsy Women’ Proves Her Parents Are Her Career

Chelsea has always been a cog in the Clinton machine. It goes back to those famous images of her during the Lewinsky scandal that helped her dad hang on to his job.

To Save Itself From Population Collapse, Hungary Offers Couples $35,000 For Having A Third Child

Led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Fidesz party is encouraging family growth rather than relying on mass immigration to generate younger workers to pay for their welfare state.

Last Year’s Decline In Dutch Euthanasia May Have Dark Explanations

As doctors face more scrutiny, changes in reporting practices might look like a decline in demand for euthanasia.

The Jihadist Who Loved Me: Christian Journalist In Hot Water Over Terrorism-Linked Ex-Boyfriend

Many Dutch Christians believe their country should welcome refugees from the Middle East. They see this as an important way of ‘loving thy neighbor.’ One seems to have gone too far.

The Netherlands Now Requires No Terminal Illness For Elderly People To Legally Kill Themselves

In the case of the 84-year-old woman, the Life’s End Clinic doctor administered a fatal injection just one month after meeting her for the first time.

Moms Need To Stop Degrading Our Job As Brainless, Because It’s Not

Those of us who do homemaking know that it is intellectually demanding work. But we’re still happy to denigrate our roles. Why?

Netherlands Considers Euthanasia For Healthy People, Doctors Say Things Are ‘Getting Out Of Hand’

The proposed ‘Completed Life Bill’ would allow any person over age 75 to receive euthanasia. Even if they are perfectly healthy.

Geert Wilders Is Not The Only Far-Right Dutch Politician You Should Be Watching

Tensions about the European Union and Muslim mass immigration are simmering all over Europe, but they seem to boil over more frequently in the Netherlands than in other countries.

Traveling On Planes Is Actually Better With Kids

I have now taken 14 flights (a total of 78 hours in the air) with my daughter as a lap infant. And I would always rather fly with her than by myself.