Emily Ekins
Emily Ekins

Emily Ekins is a research fellow at the Cato Institute. Her research focuses primarily on American politics, public opinion, political psychology, and social movements, with an emphasis in survey and quantitative methods.

Most Americans Are Scared Stiff To Talk Politics. Why?

Causing offense isn’t the only thing people are worried about. Many are concerned about their livelihoods and ability to provide for their families.

Study: Top Motivation For Hating Capitalism Isn’t Compassion, It’s Resentment

Competing motives of compassion for the needy and resentment of the successful may play a role in dividing the Democratic primary voters approaching 2020.

Americans Used To Support A Border Wall. What Changed Their Minds?

Averaging national public opinion polls conducted in 2018 reveals that 6 in 10 Americans oppose building a border wall. But just a few years ago, at least that many supported a wall.

Yes, Voting Against Kavanaugh Hurt Senate Democrats, And So Would Impeaching Him

Reports say Democrats will use their new power to investigate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That could hurt them with voters, just like ruining his reputation did in 2018.

Poll Finds Americans Are Not As Divided On Policing As Headlines Suggest

Despite racial disagreement on the way police interact with their communities, no demographic is ‘anti-cop’—and a majority agrees on needed reforms.

The Women’s March Deliberately Ignored Huge Numbers Of Women

I wanted to attend the women’s march but was turned off by its divisiveness, exclusiveness, and politicization.

Trump’s Latest Immigration Pivot Might Be A Brilliant Gamble

If Trump can ‘soften’ on immigration and bring some of his core supporters with him, that could be a positive thing in his otherwise tumultuous legacy.

No, The Polls Aren’t Biased. Clinton Really Is Leading Trump

Yes, polls are occasionally wrong. But they are pretty reliable, pointing all in one direction, and not likely biased against Donald Trump.

Establishment Versus Populists Isn’t The Whole Story Of The GOP Primary

The high number of candidates in the Republican primary helps us measure the underlying structure of the race and the intra-party civil war.

No, Black Lives Matter Isn’t About Hurting Cops

Those who chalk up the growing momentum behind Black Lives Matter to racism or a desire to hurt cops are making the same mistake as those who tarred the Tea Party for racism.

Here’s The Lowdown On Who Supports Donald Trump

Heading into the GOP primary debates Thursday, let’s find out who got Donald Trump there by sending him to the top of the polls.

Marco Rubio And Rand Paul Pose Greatest Threat To Hillary Clinton

Contrary to Republican voters’ perceptions, Marco Rubio’s and Rand Paul’s stances on non-traditional issues may capture independent-leaning Democrats.