Ellis Domenech
Ellis Domenech

Ellis Domenech is a former psychological operations officer in the U.S. Army with multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and Africa.

The United States Began To Fail Abroad 70 Years Ago In The Korean War

Korea is a thought-provoking conflict that should be studied in intimate detail by the U.S. military and foreign policy experts. Let’s learn from our failures.

What It’s Like To Spend Independence Day Deployed

I have been deployed for three July 4ths. Luckily there are still Americans who hold the ideas that built this country in high regard.

Neverending Foreign Wars Are Keeping The United States From Fixing The Border Crisis

It’s time to overhaul the U.S. national security establishment. No subjects of failed policy are more evident than Afghanistan and our southern border.

To Promote Lasting Self-Government In Africa, Don’t Lead With The U.S. Military

President Buhari has done little to help stabilize Nigeria, and the government continually marginalizes the northern, impoverished, half of the country.

Shameful Scapegoating Of Africa Failure Underscores Unchecked Pentagon Incompetence

American men and women are still being sent to far-off lands, under-trained and under-equipped, to fight in conflicts that have little congressional oversight and little payoff for U.S. strategy.