Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

Edward Niedermeyer, an auto-industry consultant, is the co-founder of Daily Kanban and the former editor of the blog The Truth About Cars. Follow him on Twitter.

Robot Cars Aren’t Dangerous—People Are

The rise of robot drivers won’t introduce new hazards onto the public road so much as it will give us a scapegoat that we can condemn without implicating ourselves.

Why The Auto Loan Bubble Is As Important As The Student Loan Bubble

New car loans have become the new hot product and Wall Street, not car-loving Americans, is the real market. 

Obama Cheers The Auto Industry Over A Cliff

Even as the president celebrates a U.S. auto sales record, there are signs that the car bubble his policies helped inflate is already beginning to burst.

EPA To Volkswagen: Emissions Cheating Is Far Worse Than Killing 124 People

Volkswagen’s bombshell admission that it cheated on US emissions testing has become the latest in a string of auto industry scandals driven by moral hazard.