Edward Chang

Edward Chang is a defense, military, and foreign policy writer. His writing has appeared in The National Interest, The American Conservative, Real Clear Defense, and Spectator USA. He can be followed on Twitter at @Edward_Chang_8.

Military Brass Resigned Over ‘Black Hawk Down,’ But Not Afghanistan

The actions of officials responsible for the failed Battle of Mogadishu seem relics of a bygone era compared to leadership’s response after the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Crime Drama ‘Stillwater’ Explores The West’s Identity Crisis – And The Ties That Promise Hope

‘Stillwater’ begins as an engaging crime thriller, but its emotional investment in Bill Baker’s fight to save Allison is what connects us with the story.

Soccer Legend Carli Lloyd Stands For America In An Era So Few Top Athletes Will

While many of her teammates have knelt or abstained from singing the national anthem, Lloyd nearly always stood for and sang the national anthem.

Is Student Debt Really A Crisis? These Surprising Facts Suggest It’s Not

Making taxpayers assume student debt might score short-term political points but doesn’t address the underlying problem: why college costs so much while delivering so little.

‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Didn’t Need Politics To Tell A Heart-Wrenching Story

‘Hillbilly Elegy’ is a story of endurance, of how much hardship and pain a person can bear without giving up.

As Ambassador, Douglas Macgregor Would Finally Bring Trump’s Foreign Policy To Life

Fluency in German, familiarity with Germany thanks to spending years there, positive rapport with his European counterparts during staff assignments — what’s not to like?

Get Ready, Braves Fans, Social Justice Warriors Are Coming For You Next

Something as important as identity should be determined by the fans who invest their money and emotions into cultural touchstones like sports teams.

In The Death Of George Floyd, Perception Is Reality

In the court of public opinion, perception decides whether an officer has exercised his powers prudently. The tragic death of George Floyd is no exception.

Just Like Socialism, Bernie’s Campaign Collapsed Under Its Own Contradictions

In a single interview, Sanders may’ve forever demolished the effort to convince the American electorate he is a perfectly benign ‘democratic socialist.’

Will The Taliban Uphold Its End Of The Afghanistan Deal?

As the agreement makes clear, the United States and its allies are indeed looking for the exits. If all goes to plan, U.S. and coalition forces will vacate Afghanistan by spring 2021.

Whether You Like It Or Not, The United States Is At War With Iran

Only the absence of retaliation or some lower-level action that gives both sides a face-saving way out of the predicament can restore deterrence. Otherwise, fight’s on.

5 Predictions For The Next Five Years Of Global Power Struggles

If these predictions come to pass, their fulfillment will have lasting effects upon America in the 2020s and beyond.

‘Richard Jewell’ Is A Story Of Media And Government Bungling That’s Still Fresh Today

The film’s message isn’t so much that neither government nor media is to be trusted, but for Americans to ask themselves why they should trust either.

How A Mexican Drug Cartel Nearly Triggered War Between The U.S. And Iran

Those dismissive of the danger posed by Mexican drug cartels ought to learn of the time they nearly carried out the worst terrorist attack in America since 9/11 and almost triggered a resulting war with Iran.

Of Course Retired Military Officers Have A Right To Free Speech. That’s Not The Point

With the nation’s faith in the republic seemingly on the ropes, the worst thing that could happen is for Americans to believe only the word of retired military officers as gospel.

Why Retired Military Officers Need To Shut Up About Politics

Retired Admiral William McRaven is leveraging the uniform he once wore and the reputation he cultivated in the military to influence readers. That’s bad for the country, and he knows it.

Why Going After Guns And Everything Labeled White Supremacy Won’t Solve Shootings

For those serious about saving lives, white nationalism needs to mean something more than just distasteful opinions, and mass shootings must remain within the context of the larger problem of gun violence.

Dissent Can Be Patriotic, But Hating Your Own Country Isn’t

The grand question of our time may very well be the simple one of whether the United States deserves not only to be defended but preserved.

Unlike Jaelene Hinkle, Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Uses Soccer To Push Her Politics

One player sacrificed a once-in-a-lifetime privilege due to her personal convictions, while the other insists on using that same privilege to essentially declare, ‘You’re either with me or against me.’

Neocons Don’t Deserve All The Blame For The Iraq War

It was the combination of 9/11 and the ongoing conflict between the United States and Iraq that culminated in the invasion of the latter in 2003.