Doug Domenech
Doug Domenech
Doug Domenech

Douglas W. Domenech is Interior’s Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs. For more about Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs (OIA), visit, follow @ASIIADomenech, or like OIA on Facebook.

U.S. Territories, Not States, Bear The Scars Of World War II

Seventy-five years since the end of WWII, U.S. territories and our allies in the Pacific remain a priority for the United States and for President Trump.

Like CO2, The Paris Agreement Is Vapid

One wonders why this president would unilaterally pursue a Paris agreement that does nothing more than hurt the country he took an oath to protect.

Obama Wasn’t Kidding About Wanting To Spike Your Electricity Bill

The Clean Power Plan President Obama released Monday will drastically increase electricity and energy prices, hurting low-income Americans the most.

Why Does EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Hate Texas?

The Environmental Protection Agency is messing with Texas’s energy, which in turn will mess with everyone’s.