Donna Carol Voss
Donna Carol Voss
Donna Voss
Donna Carol Voss is a Berkeley grad, a former pagan, a Mormon on purpose, and an original thinker on twenty-first-century living. She is the author of “Hail to the Chief! 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate” and “One of Everything,” a memoir. She blogs at Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @donnacarolvoss.
Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Understand The Electoral College

Hillary Clinton still wants to abolish the Electoral College as ‘an anachronism that was designed for another time that no longer works.’

Why Illegal Immigrant Advocacy Groups Aren’t Really Pro-Immigrant

Group identity, open borders, and sanctuary cities are ‘pro-immigrant’ only in the world of fantasy moral high ground.

Why Don’t Sanctuary City Sheriffs Have To Obey The Laws Like Joe Arpaio Does?

While Joe Arpaio was enforcing laws a court told him he had no business enforcing, sanctuary jurisdictions were refusing to enforce laws Congress told them they had to enforce.

6 Ridiculous Arguments In Favor Of Transgender Soldiers

Progressives’ arguments in favor of transgender soldiers are drenched in self-righteousness—but they are also inane and dangerous.

Here’s What Ronald Reagan Did When College Kids Went Ape At UC-Berkeley

As governor of California, Ronald Reagan had to deal with rioting at UC-Berkeley. He sure didn’t tell police to stand down, like officials have for recent protests of conservative speakers.

7 Reasons We’re Right To Focus On Muslim Extremists

It’s inane to compare terrorist events to slipping in a bathtub, and other reasons we shouldn’t just go back to sleep on the problem with Muslim extremists.

Killing The Electoral College Is A Dumb Idea Pushed By Ignorant People

Some very nice, apparently well-educated people are peddling absolute Pablum about the Electoral College.

4.3 Million People Want To Disenfranchise Trump Voters

The rationale, of course, is that the horrible awful no good very bad Electoral College gave Donald Trump the win even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Is The Clinton Or Trump Foundation A Bigger Shell Game?

At offering Americans a ‘fair shake,’ neither tax-exempt organization measures up. Unfortunately, coverage of the two foundations is also often unfair.

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We’re Not A Democracy

What appears to deprive the populace of its power to decide a president is the very mechanism that preserves its power. The Electoral College works that way because the United States isn’t a pure democracy.

What The Fourth Wave Of Feminism Should Look Like

It’s time for feminism to bow out gracefully and make way for the next wave of power in women’s lives.

Gay People Aren’t The Only Ones Hurting

If the LGBT movement is going to march under the banner of equality, don’t we all get equal respect for wrestling with who we are and what we believe?

Let The First Amendment Do Its Job

Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, atheist, gay, straight, or trans, the First Amendment was written for you.