Dominic Lynch
Dominic Lynch
Dominic Lynch

Dominic Lynch is a freelance writer from Chicago. He contributes to Chicagoly Magazine and publishes the Monthly Memo newsletter. Follow him on Twitter.

Loyola’s Final Four Run Is Nothing Short Of Unbelievable

Loyola as a sports school is weird, but welcome. We don’t want this to end.

Antonin Scalia’s Son Speaks About His Father’s Legacy

Christopher Scalia opens up about his father’s contributions to American letters and discusses ‘Scalia Speaks,’ a new collection of the late Supreme Court justice’s speeches.

What Catholics Lost When They Started Tearing Down Their Great Altars

If the grand altars, with all their gold and statues and size, are at their core outward signs of inward devotion, what does it say about plain altars that more resemble a table than a temple?

Is The Democratic Party Going Extinct?

Today’s Democratic Party is hollowing itself out to progressive ideology—and leaving moderate and historically liberal voters behind.

Pope Francis Would Make A Lot More Sense If Everyone Remembered He’s A Jesuit

Francis’ unorthodoxy shouldn’t have been surprising. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool Jesuit who came of age in the post-Vatican II world.

Why I Won’t Apologize For Loving Chicago

Chicago’s crime doesn’t define the city, and the city isn’t in the shape outsiders assume it is.

Food Is So Good It Proves There Must Be A God

If there can be an argument for God’s existence based on aesthetic experience, why can’t there be a corresponding argument based on food?

The Other Netflix Series You Should Be Watching: ‘Last Chance U’

The new Netflix series ‘Last Chance U’ shows the brutal reality of poverty, broken homes, and tough luck, lit up with beautiful cinematography and the allure of hope.

Stop Being Ashamed Of Your Money Problems And Fix Them

In The Atlantic, Neal Gabler partly blames his outrageous money woes on ‘financial illiteracy,’ but anybody can understand the key way to make it in life: spend less than you earn.

Pope Francis Is Good For The Catholic Church

‘Amoris Laetitia,’ like Pope Francis himself, was needed and is disheartening.

Why Starbucks Will Not Flourish In Italy

Italian coffee is way too good for the likes of Starbucks to compete with it well.

Tales Of The American Craft Beer Renaissance

In the past year, the number of small American breweries has broken a 142-year-old record, and interest in craft beer keeps climbing.

Religious Universities Need Religious Leaders

Lay leaders and religious leaders are not interchangeable, and the latter bring distinct qualities to running a university with a religious nature and mission.

How Catholics Should Reboot The Social Justice Debate

Social justice has quickly morphed from practical help for the poor to feel-good, do-nothingism. Catholics need to get it back on track.

Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

As much as we would like for it to be true, our dogs don’t go to our heaven, or to doggy heaven. Here’s why.

4 Top Questions About Pope Francis’ Rule Changes, Answered

In preparation for a Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has changed church procedures regarding forgiveness for abortion and receiving a marriage annulment.

Shifting the Pro-Life Paradigm

Despite the recent Planned Parenthood videos, the pro-life camp is losing the abortion battle. They stand a better chance if they adopt a new, positive moral argument.

Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie

The truth is that unborn children don’t deserve abortion.

The 5 Best Thomas Paine Quotes From ‘Common Sense’

Perhaps more than any other work, Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ galvanized the case for American independence.

Does Catholicism Need A Theology Of Politics?

Surely, there has to be a way for Catholics to dissent from the pope while remaining in good standing within the church.