Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee is writer in Indiana. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, at CNN.com, USAToday.com and elsewhere.

Why The Roger Stone Brouhaha Is Not Simply A Rorschach Test Of Your Politics

We need serious examination of the entire rat’s nest, to tease out whether Donald Trump really is an incipient tyrant, or the target and victim of an entrenched bureaucratic state.

From Richard Lugar To Mike Pence, An Era Passes In Indiana, And The Nation

Former Sen. Richard Lugar’s funeral in early May was a final reunion of sorts with Mike Pence. They in some ways stood at opposite poles of Indiana politics—urban versus rural, pragmatic versus ideological.

This Professor Thinks Hunter-Gatherers Were Unfairly Oppressed By Elitist Grain-Growers

Anthropology professor James C. Scott’s book, ‘Against the Grain,’ offers an interesting, but ultimately unconvincing, revisionist historical analysis that discounts the role of farming in creating society as we know it.

What If The Media Covered The War On Poverty Like It Did Vietnam?

Imagine if the ambiguous result in our long struggle to end poverty—like the Vietnam War, an effort in which the goal posts always seem to be moving—was shown to be as ineffective.

New York Mag: Don’t Say ‘Gun Control’ So We Don’t Scare Americans With The Truth

‘There is no need to alienate the many Americans who might be receptive to what is generally a popular cause, but who fear – rationally or not – that some of their rights will be stripped away.’

The Dark Side Of Rules Against Free Speech

In Iran and on campus, free-speech opponents use violence to enforce their vision of a good society, while their opponents merely want to talk.

Addressing America’s Opiate Crisis Should Involve Making People Responsible For Their Behavior

How long and to what degree must Americans backstop people suffering the entirely predictable result of their own self-destructive behavior?

President Trump Has Certainly Unified The Country’s Political Class—Against Him

Our fractured capital is experiencing a new flowering of bipartisanship. Everyone inside the beltway, at least those getting the press coverage, seems to oppose him.

NPR, CNN, Other News Sites Hit The Mute Button On Readers

News sites are eliminating online comment sections. They would do well to remember that they should be encouraging public participation in the conversation about the life of the nation.

Researchers Have Begun To Realize That Big Data Presents Big Problems

A new book by math expert Cathy O’Neil, ‘Weapons of Math Destruction,’ discusses the social and economic problems created relying too much on algorithms.

Butler University Offers Credit For Joining Trump ‘Resistance’

How exactly does one grade participation in a protest? Do broken civilian car windows count less than those of police cars?

Sean Spicer’s ‘Holocaust Denial’ Is Really About The Media’s Trump Denial

No one in the room at the press briefing could have honestly believed that Sean Spicer was intentionally denying Hitler’s killing of six million Jews.

Politicians Misuse Terms Like ‘Nuclear Option’ To Deceive Voters

Our discourse is full of rhetorical terms used to frighten or cajole the public in a given direction. But these words don’t mean what you think they mean.

Silence Would Be Anything But Golden For Donald Trump

The president speaks fluent Garble, but somehow it works. It shows he needn’t turn into a Calvin Coolidge to be effective.