Daniella Greenbaum Davis
Daniella Greenbaum Davis
Daniella Greenbaum Davis

Daniella Greenbaum Davis, an Emmy-award winning producer, is a Federalist contributor and a Spectator columnist, is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter.

The Squad Tries To Shoot Down Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ Defense System

The Iron Dome funding is a good litmus test that proves that for the leftist Squad and their ilk, the “security for both sides” talk is pure fabrication.

Barnard College Bureaucrat Apologizes After Using COVID-19 Protocols To Target Jewish Students

A COVID bureaucrat implied the religious practices of Jews on campus are all ‘in the past,’ and that despite their beliefs, their convictions, their faith, they need to abide by a system that negates all of it.

Why The Antifa Assault On Andy Ngo Was Inevitable And Will Be Repeated

Once the Antifa activists determined that Andy Ngo’s speech is violent, it is both logical and consistent that they would use violence to thwart him.

Creative Project Brings Real-Life Holocaust Stories To Instagram

As the Holocaust survivor generation dies out, we have a special obligation to keep sharing their stories. But is Instagram an inappropriate medium?

Store Pulls Jordan Peterson’s Book, Wildly Alleging Connection To Christchurch Shooting

There’s no 13th rule in which Peterson suggests that to live a meaningful life one should pick up a deadly weapon, walk into a mosque, and murder innocent Muslims in the middle of prayer.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Whines That Criticizing Her Anti-Semitism Is—Wait For It—Racist

It’s not exactly good look for a sitting politician to spread harmful anti-Semitic stereotypes about big bad Jews and their big bad money.

Lena Dunham’s Return To ‘Believe All Women’ Does Women No Favors

Blaming everything, including our own challenges, and our own grave errors in judgement, on the tyrannical patriarchy will not yield a better world for women.

Why NBC Should Apologize For Dumping On Megyn Kelly Over Her ‘Blackface’ Comments

If the left were truly interested in persuading people of the merits of their viewpoints, Kelly’s apology should have been counted as a slam dunk, an unparalleled victory.

Holocaust Deniers Must Be Confronted In The Open, Not Banished To The Dark Web

Facebook has it wrong. The best way to eliminate bad speech is to fight it with better speech, not pretend it doesn’t exist.