Christian Toto
Christian Toto

Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, film critic and fatherhood blogger. He is the founder of, a site tackling entertainment news from a right-of-center perspective. His movie reviews can be heard on several radio stations each week including WTOP-FM in Washington, D.C.

If ‘Cry Macho’ Is Clint Eastwood’s Farewell, It’s A Charming Letdown

The gentle, coming of age story is hard to get mad about and even tougher to praise unconditionally.

Big Tech’s Double-Standard On Conservative Comics Is Getting Worse

Comedy isn’t meant to share hard truths that withstand fact checks. Satirists exaggerate to blur the line between truth and fiction to make salient points.

How Late-Night Hosts Reacted To 9/11, Compared To How They Reacted To Coronavirus

The country was in mourning, and late-night comics reacted accordingly. We were all Americans back then, red state or blue. The situation today, in many ways, is dramatically different.

Media Clutches Pearls Over Clint Eastwood’s Journalism Movie, But Embraces Film About Fox News

Members of the media critiqued Clint Eastwood’s depiction of the journalist involved in the ‘Richard Jewell’ case, but didn’t make a peep about unfair depictions of conservatives at Fox News.

‘Ozark’s’ Jason Bateman Is An Anti-Hero With A Soft Streak

Jason Bateman’s character may be crooked, but he’s got a redeeming quality that keeps us coming back for more.

6 Ways Hollywood Will Overreact To The Age Of Trump

A protracted wave of dissent may backfire on progressives as much as their pro-Hillary Clinton campaigning did this election cycle. That won’t stop them, though.

Larry Wilmore’s Show Is A Victim Of Its Own Partisanship

It seems almost any attack on a conservative was fair game to Larry Wilmore. But even TV execs know late-night doesn’t need another liberal news hack.

Apparently Even Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Can’t Joke About Race

We’re finding fewer topics to joke about now that everyone’s so touchy. What does that mean for Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s ‘Get Hard’ and future comedies?

Adam Carolla’s New Film Hits The ‘Road Hard’

Humorist Adam Carolla comes out with ‘Road Hard,’ a somewhat autobiographical film about making it in Hollywood as his own man.

How Press Attacks On GOP 2016 Contenders Could Backfire

Conservatives are using social media to fisk the liberal press corps’ unfair treatment of Republican presidential hopefuls. It could change the game for 2016.

Hollywood Learns To Stop Worrying And Love The Gun

Hollywood actors may complain about guns, but they also realize that gun flicks make their careers and a lot of money.

Give Sarah Palin A Break

The strongest blows Sarah Palin faces should not come from her own party.

Seven Reasons Elf Is The Perfect Christmas Movie

“Elf” is a yuletide delight, a near-perfect combination of modern sensibilities and old-fashioned sentiment.

Why Is Hollywood In Love With Supervillains?

Let’s face it. We’re a nation obsessed with supervillains.