Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness is managing editor of Reporter, the official web magazine of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, assistant editor at Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife, a forum about Christian female vocation, and a contributor to "He Restores My Soul: Writings on Cross and Comfort" from Emmanuel Press. She writes regularly on issues of faith, family and culture.
What St. Louis Is Doing To Meet Deep City Needs Through Families

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul organized a Saturday-morning summit on the decline of the American family in St. Louis last weekend. It provided an open discussion and practical ideas.

Parents, Don’t Trust Your Memory When Sharing Pop Culture With Your Kids

Children shouldn’t be completely sheltered from evil, but parents should make wise, informed choices before they expose their kids to entertainment content.

Megan Rapinoe And Colin Kaepernick Need To Watch Robin Williams Celebrate America’s Flag

A 30-by-60-foot American flag? Celebrated by the Hollywood elite, no less? How times have changed. Now it’s apparently racist to put a postage-sized flag on an athletic shoe.

My Democrat Parents Didn’t Oppose Busing In The 1970s Because Of Racism, But Because It’s Stupid

Kamala Harris’s emotional response to Joe Biden’s busing record has less to do with segregation and more to do with virtue signaling.

8 Things To Keep Doing With Your Children Even When They’re Teenagers

While many parents discontinue these practices when their children reach a certain age, there’s no good reason to do so.

5 Must-Read Classics To Share With Your Kids This Summer

Few things are as rewarding as reading out loud with your children. Here are enough recommendations for a whole summer’s worth of quality family time.

New Jersey Lawmakers Ask Schools To Ban ‘Huckleberry Finn’

In its profound presentation of the universal theme of the individual versus society, the book should be a fixture on every American student’s high school reading list, today more than ever before.

Abortion Rests On The Illogical Lie That Death Can Bring Life

In ‘1984,’ Big Brother’s three slogans are, ‘War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.’ If George Orwell were writing today, he might add a fourth: ‘Death is Life.’

All The Adults Involved Failed The Covington Catholic School Boys, And Should Be Ashamed

The Covington Catholic boys may not have behaved with perfect decorum. But they’re teenagers. The adults here, on the other hand, should be completely ashamed of themselves.

A No-Fail Christmas Caroling Guide For Even The Most Bashful Singers

Here are some common carols (and tips for how to sound good) that can help set your caroling plans in motion this holiday season.

Why You Should Go Christmas Caroling This Year, And How To Start

We underestimate the amount of joy and community bonding that can happen if we take time out of our busy lives to sing collectively with our neighbors.

‘Girl, Wash Your Face’ Is Of No Comfort To Hurting Women, But This Is

If the idea of another self-help book leaves you feeling tired before you have even turned one page, try some Jesus-help instead.

7 Tips For Sending Your Child Off To College

For us, the first day of college felt almost like the first day of kindergarten, as we stepped back from being the primary directors of our child’s studies and daily schedule.

Those Studies Are Right: Being A Mom Is Much Harder Than Most Day Jobs

Having recently rejoined the fulltime work force after 25 years of mostly staying home, I can say without hesitation that fulltime mommying is way harder than fulltime employment.

Why It’s A Great Idea To Arm Schoolchildren With Buckets Of Rocks

Giving kids a bucket of rocks to use against an intruder sends a couple of messages that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Why It’s Perfect That Ash Wednesday Falls On Valentine’s Day This Year

Is this a problem for Christian churches that celebrate Ash Wednesday, calling attention away from a solemn liturgical observance to a lighthearted, sometimes silly secular holiday? No.

It’s Not Blame-Shifting To Ask Where The Parents Were In The Gymnastics Sex Abuse Cases

Cries of ‘blame-shifting’ are in effect a sort of victim-shifting — from the children to those who were best-positioned to protect them but who, by their own admission, failed to do so.

Evil, Not Homeschooling, Caused The California ‘House Of Horrors’

If local governments can’t protect the children in their own schools, what makes anyone think they can protect children in home schools they are only going to inspect once a year?

It’s Time To Stop The Sexual Witch Hunt And Take A Hard Look At Ourselves

From the #MeToo movement to the outing of past crimes to the demands to purge the evil among us, there is a growing sense of panic bordering on hysteria.

5 Things Thanksgiving Can Teach Us About Living Better All Year Long

The quintessential Thanksgiving image of friends and family gathered around a beautifully set table represents something that many no longer experience regularly yet still deeply crave.