Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness
Cheryl Magness

Cheryl Magness is managing editor of Reporter, the official web magazine of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. She writes regularly on issues of faith, family and culture. The opinions expressed here are her own.

5 Ways To Reduce Your Daily Dependence On Big Tech

The less we all make use of digital means of getting through the day, the more we deprive Big Tech of its bread and butter and enrich our non-digital lives.

It’s Up To You To Keep Live Music From Being Buried In Shutdowns

Music isn’t just a commodity to be consumed, but a means for humans to express themselves and create a community with one another. We really need it now.

3 Reasons You Should Stream This Top-Rated Classic BBC Miniseries Right Now

Now available to stream on YouTube, it’s time to discover why ‘Talking to a Stranger’ is considered one of the best television programs in British history.

Rod Dreher’s ‘Live Not By Lies’ Warns Of The New Totalitarianism

In his latest book, Dreher warns of the consequences of living in a post-Christian America and urges readers to suffer, if necessary, for the sake of upholding the truth.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Enabled An Atrocity Equal To Slavery, And Andrew Cuomo Wants To Build Her A Statue

It’s possible to esteem and appreciate the contributions of those who don’t share all our values or adhere perfectly to our own standards of morality.

Stop Blaming Trump For Coronavirus And Start Making Life Great Again

As we contemplate all we have lost to COVID-19, we must ask ourselves whether we want our world to become more of an earthly hell than it already is.

5 Things Public Schools Can Learn From Homeschooling About Educating In A Crisis

If public schools take the proper lessons from homeschoolers, they can come out of this ordeal having undergone some genuine learning of their own. 

No, Social Distancing Isn’t A Blessing In Disguise. It’s Evil

Social distancing is not something to celebrate. It is, according to the experts, what we must do right now. But it’s a necessary evil, not a societal good.

Millions Shelter To Protect The Elderly, But Biden Advisor Thinks Old People Should Just Die

Obamacare may be weakened, but its chief designer, Ezekiel Emanuel, still wants to decide whether your life is worth living.

10 Classic Hymns From A 17th-Century Pastor To Sing Through Plagues

In the months to come, there are no better songs to sing than hymns that teach eternal truths. Spend some time with Paul Gerhardt’s poetry, and you’ll sing some of the best.

Before You Celebrate Mardi Gras, Witness The Transfiguration

Both Transfiguration and Lent are fresh opportunities to turn in the direction of the Savior’s voice.

Alabama Democrat Suggests Forcing Vasectomies To Prevent ‘Unwanted Children’

A bill that equates the intentional termination of a life with the prevention of one goes beyond the frivolous and stupid into sadistic and inhumane.

Here’s A Fresh Christmas Pops Playlist To Liven Up Your Holiday

Good holiday music is so abundant that, if we wanted, we could easily play it from Thanksgiving through Epiphany and never repeat a track.

Rediscover Thanksgiving’s Origins As A National Uniter During The Civil War

Americans have an annoying knack for purging holidays of their true meaning, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Nearly 80 Years After Its Writing, Holocaust Victim Renia Spiegel’s Diary Is Published

The personal recordings of 15-year-old Renia Spiegel give readers a contemporaneous account, through poetry and prose, of a youth living through the Holocaust, complete with her insecurities, joys, and deepest fears.

What St. Louis Is Doing To Meet Deep City Needs Through Families

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul organized a Saturday-morning summit on the decline of the American family in St. Louis last weekend. It provided an open discussion and practical ideas.

Parents, Don’t Trust Your Memory When Sharing Pop Culture With Your Kids

Children shouldn’t be completely sheltered from evil, but parents should make wise, informed choices before they expose their kids to entertainment content.

Megan Rapinoe And Colin Kaepernick Need To Watch Robin Williams Celebrate America’s Flag

A 30-by-60-foot American flag? Celebrated by the Hollywood elite, no less? How times have changed. Now it’s apparently racist to put a postage-sized flag on an athletic shoe.

My Democrat Parents Didn’t Oppose Busing In The 1970s Because Of Racism, But Because It’s Stupid

Kamala Harris’s emotional response to Joe Biden’s busing record has less to do with segregation and more to do with virtue signaling.

8 Things To Keep Doing With Your Children Even When They’re Teenagers

While many parents discontinue these practices when their children reach a certain age, there’s no good reason to do so.