Bill Wirtz
Bill Wirtz

Bill Wirtz comments on European politics/policy in French, German and English. You can follow him on Twitter: @wirtzbill

Delivery Guy Fired In Berlin After Telling Customer ‘Brexit Is A Good Thing’

‘I like the LGBT flag, but I don’t like the EU flag,’ he told the man who opened the door, and said he thinks, ‘Brexit is a good thing.’

Holocaust Survivor’s Murder In France Reopens Worries Over Anti-Semitism From Muslims, Far Left, And Far Right

Reports of anti-Semitic violence in France rose by 26 percent last year, which has led record numbers of Jews to emigrate to Israel.

A French Baker Has Been Fined $3,700 For ‘Working Too Much’

‘We understand that Mr. Vaivre wants to work more during the tourist season to get by, but this decree applies to all bakeries.’