Anthony Sacramone

Anthony Sacramone is a writer living in Wilmington, Delaware. Some of his work can be found at Follow him on Twitter at @amsacramone. The opinions expressed in this essay are his alone and do not reflect even the fleeting thoughts of anyone else on earth not currently under medical surveillance.

Why Films Like ‘Ready Player One’ Outpace Hatred For Nostalgia

How can the past be home to anyone, when there was so much injustice and misogyny and racism, when aggressions were macro and hate speech was the lingua franca of even the hated?

Almost 500 Years Ago, The Pope Stole Time, And It Made Global Chaos

I do hereby warn the Roman Catholic Church that if 30 days hence those 10 days have not been returned to the calendar, I will not be responsible for the rioting.

Guy Fawkes, Call Your Office

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November…was not at all what you, or hactivists or grungy Occupiers, think.