Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker

Andrew T. Walker is the director of policy studies for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. You can find him on Twitter @andrewtwalk.

NYT Op-Ed: Parents Who Don’t Send Their Kids To Public Schools Are Racist Theocrats

Katherine Stewart’s argument is lazy. It’s generalized, misinformed, and reads much like a carnival barker shouting down the looming threat of theocracy, theocracy, theocracy.

“Secular Religion” and the Impossibility of Religious Liberty

Consistent progressivism is intolerant. Consistent Christianity is tolerant.

Social Conservatives Should Rally Around Neil Gorsuch

By his record, social conservatives have much to applaud and gain at the prospect of Neil Gorsuch taking a seat on our nation’s highest court.

6 Ways ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Illustrates The Centrality Of Human Conscience

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ was an ode to the age-old American custom of protecting dissent by protecting the conscience.

Belgium Lets A Legal Minor Euthanize Himself

This is the first reported instance of a child taking advantage of Belgium’s laxer stance after legislators allowed child euthanasia in 2014.

The Left Needs To Call Off Its Radical Fringe Bent On Destroying Christians

All the symptoms suggest the sexual revolution is now in a terminal late-stage progressivism that makes entertaining dissent impossible.

Evangelical Support For Trump Plays Into The Left’s Caricatures

The evangelical alliance with Donald Trump sets the political witness of Christians back by several generations.

Poll: Church Leaders Predict Repression Over Objections To Gay Coupling

The gay culture war is not somewhere out there anymore. It’s knocking on your door, and next will be barging into your house and church.

Jesus And The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

If Christians are to support same-sex marriage, they should do so by way of intellectual honesty and acknowledge their abandonment of biblical authority.