Adam Barsouk
Adam Barsouk

Adam Barsouk is a medical student and cancer researcher at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. His writing has appeared in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

American Jews Shouldn’t Have To Fear Assault Over The Palestinian Conflict

Pro-Palestinian activists and alt-right fanatics are harassing and assaulting their Jewish neighbors because they take issue with the government of Israel.

How Democrats’ ‘Medicare For All’ Will End Your Health Choices Forever

Bernie Sanders’s proposal goes further toward implementing a reckless single-payer system than anything ever tried around the world. And fellow presidential contenders are endorsing it.

Why I Turned Down Ivy League Acceptances And Don’t Regret It One Bit

As affirmative action court cases and skyrocketing tuition rates reveal, today’s Ivy League institutions put their own biases ahead of their students’ advancement.

Ford Argued Trauma Improves Memory, But That’s Not What The Science Says

Yes, a traumatic experience is one you are more likely to remember. But it is also one your mind is more likely to distort.

How Obamacare Is Making The U.S. Health-Care System Run Like Netflix

Netflix produces movies in-house, just like a health-care system provides all of its own care instead of referring to experts outside the network. Then they cheapen the quality.

Meet Ukrainian Victims Of The United States’s Proxy War With Russia

The Ukrainian struggle is matched only by the suffering of those in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and Syria, who have lost their lives in a geopolitical poker game.