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This Trans Athlete Has Beaten Girls 700 Times Thanks To Democrat Policies

Middle school age girls are kneeling on an outdoor track.
Image CreditSean P. Twomey/Pexels

A male middle-school athlete beat female competitors more than 700 times because of the Biden administration’s pro-transgender policies, according to a motion to stay and preliminary injunction Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed last week with a federal district court in State of Tennessee v. Cardona.

In their motion, ADF lawyers are asking the court to immediately stop the Biden administration’s Title IX overhaul, which shoehorns “gender identity” into the definition of “sex” in federal laws. That redefinition of sex means that schools receiving federal funding will be required to let male athletes who claim a female “gender identity” infiltrate girls’ sports. The administration’s rewrite is scheduled to be implemented Aug. 1, but the changes would be put on pause while the case advances if ADF prevails in its motion.

“While the administration claims this change won’t affect sports, it has already made its position clear that men who identify as women should compete in women’s sports under Title IX,” said ADF Legal Counsel Rachel Rouleau. “In fact, the administration has supported a male student’s efforts to compete against our client and other girls in women’s sports in West Virginia.”

Rouleau noted that after a federal court gave the green light for a middle-school boy — referred to in the court filings as “B.P.J.” — to play on the girls’ team, he beat girls “more than 700 times in cross country and track-and-field events and taken our client’s spot to compete at a conference championship.”

The Biden administration’s support of transgender-identifying athletes extends beyond the loss of opportunity in athletic competition, according to Rouleau. ADF’s client, a West Virginia female athlete who is now in high school, “has also lost her right to use the women’s locker room free from harassment and without a male present,” Rouleau said. ADF lawyers are also representing Christian Educators Association International and have joined lawsuits in several states since Biden’s Department of Education announced the Title IX changes on April 19.

“This egregious example is just one of many ongoing difficulties girls are facing with this illegal rewrite of federal law and vast executive authority overreach,” Rouleau said.

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