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Republicans Introduce SAVE Act To Block Illegal Aliens From Voting In U.S. Elections

Mike Johnson speaks surrounded by other GOP lawmakers
Image CreditC-SPAN/Screenshot

‘There is currently an unprecedented and a clear and present danger to the integrity of our election system,’ Speaker Mike Johnson said.


Millions of illegal immigrants have poured through the U.S. southwest border since Joe Biden took the presidential oath of office in January 2021. By design. 

Contrary to the sentiments of the vast majority of Americans, Biden and congressional Democrats would very much like these “newcomers” to be able to vote — in November’s election, if possible. At least enough to keep the empty-vessel Democrat who currently occupies the White House for another four years. And they’re not going to let a little thing like the rule of law stand in their way. 

Congressional Republicans are looking to check the left’s illegal inclinations. 

“There is currently an unprecedented and a clear and present danger to the integrity of our election system, and that is the threat of noncitizens and illegal aliens voting in our elections,” Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said during opening statements Wednesday at a Capitol steps press conference. 

Surrounded by lawmakers and election integrity watchdogs, Johnson laid out the case for urgent passage of the newly unveiled Safeguarding American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, aimed at shoring up glaring holes in the 30-year-old National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) passed during a simpler time, when politicians believed in borders. The bill would amend the 1993 “Motor Voter” law to require individuals to provide proof of citizenship before they are automatically registered to vote at state departments of motor vehicles and other agencies. It also requires states to remove foreign nationals from their voting rolls, something too many state election officials have been loath to do. The NVRA does not require direct proof of citizenship for voter registration. 

The speaker said the legislation is direly needed for many reasons, not the least of which is the lack of a mechanism nationwide to “ensure only those registering or voting are actually citizens.” With the flow of unprecedented numbers of foreign nationals, including untold numbers of illegal aliens from adversarial governments, Johnson said the perils to election integrity are “not an empty threat or concern.” 

Corporate Media: Nothing to See Here

Corporate media, of course, quickly dismissed the SAVE Act as a sop for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his MAGA “election deniers.” Reporters were champing at the bit to secure the left’s blood oath, whether Johnson “accepts the results of the 2020 election.” The generally feckless speaker gave the usual feckless answer about not wanting to “relitigate” the 2020 election. 

NBC News’ headline summed up the coverage of the Biden administration media water boys: “Speaker Mike Johnson and Trump allies who tried to overturn the 2020 election roll out voting ‘integrity’ bill.” The piece spent most of its space going between insisting how “rare” it is for foreign nationals to vote in U.S. elections and castigating Trump and respected election integrity advocates for questioning the many irregularities and violations of law that raised understandable doubts about the security of the 2020 presidential election. The accomplice media outlet just couldn’t comprehend why lawmakers would want to require proof of citizenship, including a photo ID or birth certificate, documents that, NBC speciously declared, “millions of Americans do not have access to.” 

‘It’s Infuriating’

Joining the speaker were bill authors and sponsors Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

“The rule of law is what sets our nation apart. The rule of law is what attracts immigrants to want to come to the United States, yet we’re undermining it every single day,” Roy said. “And the most fundamental thing you can do to destroy the rule of law and to destroy our republic is to undermine faith in elections and undermine the integrity of our elections.” 

South Carolina lawmakers recently found out the election integrity shortcomings of the National Voter Registration Act. A spokesman for the state’s Department of Health and Human Services told The Federalist that the department, as the state’s Medicaid agency, is mandated to provide voter registration information under Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act Of 1993. The information apparently goes out to everyone applying for the benefits, including foreign nationals. A refugee reported receiving voter registration forms at the Health and Human Services office.

When the refugee sent the documents back to the agency, it sent the foreign national more voter registration information, South Carolina state Rep. Adam Morgan told “The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson.”

“It’s just infuriating that the government is actually sending these forms out and literally confusing people who may not be trying to do wrong, or opening the door wide open for somebody to do wrong and get people who are not citizens to vote in the election,” said the chair of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus and a Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat. 

But foreign nationals voting in U.S. elections is extremely rare, the fraud deniers declare. Besides, it’s already illegal for noncitizens to cast ballots in U.S. elections. But who’s going to check? Who’s going to hold them accountable? The same Justice Department trying to put Biden’s opponent in prison? 

‘Democracy Under Attack’

While Democrats and corporate media rail against basic voter integrity measures, Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to foreign nationals voting in U.S. elections. A poll conducted earlier this year by McLaughlin & Associates found that 86 percent of voters believe only U.S. citizens should vote in U.S. elections. Another 87 percent said proof of citizenship should be required to register to vote. 

“Democracy in America is under attack. It’s a multi-faceted attack being waged by Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress,” said Stephen Miller, former Trump adviser and president of America First Legal. “We see that attack in the form of censorship, of conservative speech, the weaponization of law enforcement against peaceful American citizens for having conservative or Christian beliefs, and we see it in the lawfare against President Trump in New York City, in Georgia, in D.C. and in many other places all across this country.” 

The SAVE Act vote, Miller asserted, is the “most important vote that most members of Congress will take in their entire careers.” While the bill faces little hope in the Democrat-controlled Senate, Republicans want Democrats on record telling American voters exactly where they stand on foreign nationals voting in U.S. elections. 

As of Wednesday evening, the House bill had about 50 co-sponsors, none of them Democrats. Don’t look for them to be fashionably late.  

Cleta Mitchell, founder of Election Integrity Network, said the National Voter Registration Act was passed at a time when immigration laws were still being enforced. The conservative attorney and Trump adviser, another election integrity watchdog constantly attacked by the jackals in corporate media, said the SAVE Act will fix a key deficiency in the NVRA by criminalizing the act of knowingly registering a noncitizen to vote. 

The legislation comes amid the crush of “Bidenbucks,” the campaign through Biden’s Executive Order 14019 to turn federal agencies into a get-out-the-vote army for the Democrat’s reelection efforts. The fiat commands the federal executive branch to work with state agencies and White House-approved third-party organizations in an unprecedented voter registration drive. 

“Whatever the plan is to try to manipulate this year’s election with illegals voting in our elections, this bill is essential to make sure that we put a stop to that and that we raise citizens’ awareness,” Mitchell said. She announced the launch of the Only Citizens Vote Coalition — with more than 70 local, state, and national partners — to make Americans aware of “the dangers of noncitizen voting” and to help ensure that only U.S. citizens vote in U.S. elections. 

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