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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Phase Of Momhood

Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to inspire you. She changed your diapers, after all!


Your mom spent 365 days a year taking care of you — the least you can do is get her a little something to make her smile on Mother’s Day! (And yes, dads, this applies to the mother of your children, too.)

If there’s one thing about moms that we all need to realize, it’s that they go through phases just like the rest of us. Eras, if you will (although this phenomenon certainly predates Taylor Swift popularizing the term). For example, I am currently in my sourdough era and have nearly as many bread photos in my camera roll as pictures of my toddler. Please don’t ask me how many jars of sourdough starter discard I have in my fridge. How long will my sourdough era last? Nobody knows.

So here are a few gift ideas for mom to inspire you. She changed your diapers, after all!

If She’s in Her Homemaker Era…

Homemaker, homesteader, whatever you want to call it — if your mom is all about growing her own food and/or making it from scratch, then she’s gonna need an apron so she can dramatically wipe the flour off her hands when she’s done in the kitchen. I love this blue floral baker apron, but if neutrals are more her thing, then this linen apron from Etsy is a great choice.

And you can’t forget the apron’s outdoorsy cousin, overalls. I know several mamas who love their gardening bib overalls, and Duluth Trading Co. has a ton of colors and patterns available (and not one but TWO of those patterns feature mushrooms!).

mom baking with two daughters
Could these Dare & Co. aprons be any cuter?

If She’s in Her Wellness Era…

Does your mom constantly send you Instagram reels to tell you that your favorite beauty products contain ingredients that are LITERALLY killing you? Then there’s no question — she’s definitely in her wellness girly era.

If she likes cutting out toxins, she will love the brand Clara & Fritz and their line of tallow-based products! Clara & Fritz founder Nicole tells me that the unscented whipped tallow balmclear complexion whipped tallow facial moisturizer, and summer balm with zinc oxide are especially popular right now.

unscented whipped tallow balm
Clara & Fritz specializes in tallow-based products.

If She’s in Her Maximalist Era…

If there’s one thing moms love to do, it’s rearrange the furniture and then decide they hate all their decor on a random Tuesday night. I feel like maximalism is really gaining steam as a design choice as people decide to lean into what they love, whether that’s bold colors, kitschy details, or giant gallery walls. I wouldn’t exactly describe my design style as maximalist, but I do love a whimsical detail like this bathtub-shaped soap dish. Along with some fancy-schmancy hand soap, it would make such a cute gift for the mom who loves unique decor!

If your mom’s style is more rustic, check out this option.

bathtub shaped soap dish
This antique bathtub-shaped soap dish is not a want but a need.

If She’s in Her Crafty Era…

There are so many moms with amazing skills — but they don’t always have time to make use of them! If your mom is in her arts and crafts era (knitting you hats even though it’s almost May, doing adult coloring books, or even digging her Cricut machine out of the closet), then getting her a Mother’s Day present is almost too easy. Just go with the hyperfixation flow, folks.

For example, my mom has loved to cross-stitch since she was a girl, and now that her kids are grown, she finally has time to stitch again! She has been loving designs by Stitching Book Club and just finished the Anne of Green Gables book cover to frame for my toddler’s room. SBC’s Etsy shop offers a rotating selection of kits including Sense & Sensibility and The Three Musketeers.

Last but Not Least, Write Her a Letter

Mother’s Day isn’t about material things. A present can show your mom you’re thinking of her, but there are so many other ways to do that too. There’s more than one love language, right?

An almost-free way to shower your mom with love is to write her a heartfelt letter. Tell her about lessons you’ve learned from her, memories you love to look back on, and, most of all, why you’re thankful for her. I wish I could point you to some inspiring letters from great writers to help you along, but all I have is this list of awkward and somewhat rude letters to Mom by great authors. Hey, they didn’t know these words would one day be published!

So there you have it: the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide! You’ve got two weeks left, people!

This article was originally published in the author’s Substack, The Girl’s Guide.

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