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Breaking News Alert Trump Wounded After Gunshots Ring Out At PA Rally, Defiantly Pumps Fist After Apparent Assassination Attempt

Attention Hogg Blows Nearly Half His PAC’s Donor Dollars On Nonsense Like DoorDash And Marc Elias

David Hogg, the little prince of gun control, launched a new PAC last year to elect leftists. Where’s the money going?


David Hogg has built his fame and fortune on the manipulation of tragedy. He turned surviving the devastating Parkland school shootings into an attention-soaked role as one of the left’s more insufferable activists. 

So perhaps it’s no surprise that the little prince of gun control has positioned himself at the center of another leftist organization and is now taking heat for the political action committee’s spending binge. 

According to Breitbart News, the Leaders We Deserve PAC spent $1.4 million of the $3 million-plus it raked in last year on travel expenses, political consultants, and legal fees. Said expenditures include a fat check to none other than Marc Elias, former Clinton campaign general counsel and pusher of the Trump-Russian hoax

Hogg’s “new initiative” was ostensibly created to elect leftist Gen Z candidates. According to the PAC’s Act Blue page:

In 2018, young voters shattered turnout records. In 2020, we helped power Biden to victory. And in 2022, we were critical to holding off a Republican red wave. Now we’re not just voting — we’re running for office, and winning. We need to elect more young, fearless progressives to Congress and state legislatures — and Leaders We Deserve is here to make that happen.

As Breitbart reports, it appears the quest to elect “young, fearless progressives” is second to underwriting Hogg’s travel itinerary and fattening Elias’ wallet. The PAC spent just $263,000 on Generation Z campaigns “combined with donations to other Democrat Party committees and groups — and instead spent more than $1.4 million on disbursements to themselves for payroll and to political consulting firms and legal fees, in addition to travel and entertainment expenses like hotels, flights, and meals,” according to its filings with the Federal Election Commission.  

Hogg’s group paid out more than $83,000 in legal fees to Elias Law Group, according to Breitbart. Known in political circle as “the fixer” of Democrat scandals, Elias served as a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. He tapped Fusion GPS, which compiled the phony dossier used by Democrats to falsely accuse then-President Donald Trump’s campaign of colluding with Russian government operatives. 

Of course, corporate media gushed over (attention) Hogg’s new blue youth movement. And the spotlight seeker delivered in requisite hatred for Republicans, particularly Donald Trump 

“For every year of Trump’s presidency, I think there was a new chapter of a social movement that was born,” the 23-year-old told NPR in August, “whether it was the Women’s March, March for Our Lives, the environmental movement, or the movement for Black Lives.”

Hogg said his PAC is all about supporting candidates under 35 running for federal office, and those under 30 campaigning for state elected positions. He wants to help shape the next generation of Constitution-shredding, big government-defending lemmings. 

“[We’re] trying to pick them and say, you know, we would like to help you run for office, we’ll supply you with all of the resources that you need and help basically coach you and hold your hand to get there, which is kind of the gap that’s in the space right now, for at least young people at the state legislative level,” Hogg told NPR. 

How’s that all turning out? According to Breitbart, Leaders We Deserve PAC in 2023 committed a fragment of its donations to just four candidates, including Rep. Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., who is already in Congress. The PAC reportedly gave nearly $125,000 in a failed effort to elect transgender Democrat Sylvia Swayne to Alabama’s House. Swayne, “Alabama’s First Openly Trans Candidate,” hailed Teen Vogue, lost badly in the special election runoff. 

“The vast majority of the group’s money, the FEC filings from 2023 show, did not go to helping candidates at all — and much of it went to other political consultants at various firms, as well as to Hogg and Lata, with a lavish travel budget to boot,” Breitbart reported, referring to Kevin Lata, Frost’s campaign manager, who started the PAC with Hogg. 

In just the opening months of the group’s creation, the payroll included nearly $40,000 for Hogg, with Lata taking in more than $50,000, FEC filings show

According to Breitbart, most of the donors to Hogg’s trough “were small-dollar donors giving less than $250 a pop.” 

As a Federalist colleague said, “People who send twits like this money deserve to be fleeced.” 

The left is certainly getting the type of leader it deserves, the insufferable David Hogg.

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