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Greene Files Motion To Oust Speaker Johnson After House Passes Mega Spending Bill

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson over a $1.2 trillion bill that advances zero Republican voter priorities.


Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson on Friday after the House passed a $1.2 trillion spending bill that includes dozens of left-wing earmarks but no Republican voters’ priorities. Greene urged Johnson not to allow the bill a floor vote, calling it a “complete departure” from the party’s core values.

“No Republican in the House of Representatives in good conscience can vote for this bill. It is a complete departure from all of our principles, especially if you call yourself ‘pro-life’,” Green said on the House floor.

“This is not a Republican bill. This is a Chuck Schumer Democrat-controlled bill coming from the House majority that is supposed to be controlled by Republicans, but yet our majority has been completely handed over to Democrats,” Greene continued.

The 1,012-page bill passed the House 286-134, with 101 Republicans voting yes.

Greene introduced a motion to vacate the speakership, but it will not be considered until after the recess since she did not file it as privileged, which would force the House to hold a vote within two legislative days, NBC News reported.

Greene told reporters her move was a “warning shot.”

“I filed the motion to vacate today, but it’s more of a warning and a pink slip,” Greene said. “I respect our conference, I’ve paid all my dues to my conference, I’m a member of good standing and I do not wish to inflict pain on our conference and to throw the House in chaos. But this is basically a warning, and it’s time for us to go through the process, take our time, and find a new Speaker of the House who will stand with Republicans and our Republican majority instead of standing with the Democrats.”

Johnson’s spokesperson Raj Shah said the speaker “always listens to the concerns of members, but is focused on governing,” according to Politico’s Olivia Beavers.

“He will continue to push conservative legislation that secures our border, strengthens our national defense and demonstrates how we’ll grow our majority.”

“Governing” apparently includes doling out $650 million to states, localities, and non-governmental organizations to make illegal immigrants comfortable breaking U.S. law as well as upping spending on the health care of illegal immigrants in custody. While the legislation includes an increase in funding for border agents, it includes zero policy solutions to the invasion at the southern border despite overwhelming demands from voters to control the chaos.

Johnson has held the role for roughly five months after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. Johnson already has buckled on key issues.

The first spending package was signed by President Joe Biden earlier this month. It also increased government spending amid a federal financial crisis while ignoring conservative priorities. As The Federalist’s Shawn Fleetwood wrote, Johnson and the more than 130 House Republicans “threw their voters under the bus by helping Democrats pass a massive government spending bill.”

The second half was crafted behind closed doors in conjunction with left-wing leaders including Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Johnson, if for nothing else, has been consistent in abdicating leadership on the border crisis, waving the white flag and working with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution in January to keep the government funded without attaching a border security amendment.

Johnson has made clear he cares about borders — so long as they run along Russia, saying he would work with Democrats to send billionsmore dollars to a country losing its war for the second year in a row.

A Republican majority in the House should not compromise their values, their promises, or their country’s national security in exchange for keeping Democrat campaign donors and flackies flush with cash.

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