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Republican Primary Is Officially Over As Trump Clinches Nomination


Former President Donald Trump secured enough delegates Tuesday night to become the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee after earning victories in three additional states.

Trump collected the remaining delegates needed to reach the party’s 1,215-delegate threshold just one week after he swept the Super Tuesday races, the Associated Press reported. Trump won 40 delegates in Mississippi, 56 in Georgia and 43 in Washington at the time of reporting. Hawaii is also hosting a primary race with 19 delegates up for grabs.

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There are a total of 2,429 delegates up for grabs in the GOP primary.

Trump won more than 494,000 votes in Georgia with more than 90 percent of votes reported, according to The New York Times.

President Joe Biden won a little more than half of that total, coming in with slightly more than 273,000 votes with more than 95 percent of reporting in.

Both candidates made dueling campaign stops in the Peach State over the weekend. Trump spoke of securing the southern border and honoring Laken Riley, the 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student who was allegedly brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant.

Biden repeated tired Democrat talking points about the alleged threat to democracy posed by Republicans — though he failed to mention his own party’s efforts to kick his opponent off the ballot.

Trump’s victory comes less than a week after former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley dropped out of the primary following a disastrous run. Trump beat Haley in states like Virginia and North Carolina — where open primaries permitted Democrats and unaffiliated voters, respectively, to vote in the GOP contest — almost immediately after polls closed.

On Super Tuesday, Trump also picked up delegates in Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Haley’s sole Super Tuesday win was in Vermont, where she appeared to receive a boost from left-leaning voters. Haley said her goal was to win “independents” and “conservative Democrats” to “get as many people in the tent as we can.”

The Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin mid-July where Trump will be formally nominated.

When Trump ran for reelection in 2020, he secured the party’s nomination on March 17 after he won delegates in Florida and Illinois, which was “the earliest the delegate calendar” permitted a Republican to actually win the nomination, PBS reported.

Biden also earned his party’s nomination Tuesday night, surpassing the 1,968 delegates needed. The Democratic National Convention will be held at the end of August in Chicago.

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