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Without Mass Deportations, America’s Demographics Shift Will Result In Radical Politics

Democrats understand that the short-term backlash for our open borders is just the cost for a long-term payoff in maintaining power.


The much-anticipated Senate border bill unveiled this week is another example of the destructive and unserious people who lead this nation. President Biden and Democrats are now blaming Republicans for failing to pass the bill, but the reality is that for the “open borders” Democrat Party, everything is going according to plan.

The Democrat Party is well on its way to fundamentally changing America’s demographics, all to secure what they believe will eventually become an unbeatable coalition of new voters. To understand the progress they’ve made, consider that in 2018, research conducted at MIT and Yale determined that the most accurate population estimate of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. was 22.1 million. Given the staggering surge of illegal aliens under the Biden administration, that estimate would now be in the range of 30-plus million. To put that into perspective, if we created a 51st state comprised entirely of illegal aliens, its population would be larger than every state except California, and it would be 77 percent of the entire population of Canada.

Going forward, even if we somehow prevent 100 percent of future illegal immigration, it only buys us time — and not much. Democrats know this, of course. It’s the reason they continue to accept short-term backlash from our open border in exchange for a long-term payoff. By pointing out that illegal aliens cannot vote, the left claims that this whole thing is a “racist conspiracy theory.”

This disingenuous tactic ignores three things: 1) Democrats have routinely tried to pass some type of amnesty that would eventually allow illegal aliens to vote, 2) Children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. can legally vote when they turn 18, and 3) In 2020, Joe Biden carried Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of about 45,000 votes, meaning a presidential election could be decided by only 0.15 percent of the illegal alien population voting in the right states.

Two of these three points are hypotheticals — amnesty and illegal aliens voting — but the other is a mathematical certainty. Children are the future, and this is where the left has placed its chips. Assuming we can prevent amnesty from passing while magically stopping all approximately 30 million illegals from voting in perpetuity, children born to illegal aliens are turning 18 every year in tranches. Unless there is a titanic shift in voting demographics, each tranche makes it more difficult for Republicans to win elections. Democrats don’t need to pass amnesty. They don’t need illegal aliens to vote. They just need to wait it out.  

The Cost We Pay

Illegal immigration is wreaking havoc on our hospitals, schools, housing, public lands, and budgets while facilitating a drug epidemic that kills scores of Americans. Not to worry, our best people are on the case. Savvy New York City Mayor Eric Adams has helped craft a plan to dissuade more illegals from coming. The solution? Spoil them rotten.

NYC is creating a program that uses taxpayer money to fund $53 million worth of prepaid credit cards for illegal aliens. Adams insists this will save taxpayers money. How does that work, you might ask? According to Adams, the current method through which taxpayers are fleeced to foot the bill for illegals would end up costing more than $53 million.

The illegal aliens receiving these prepaid credit cards must pinky swear to use the money only for food and baby supplies. City officials gave this meaningless promise a fancy name (“affidavit”) so unsuspecting voters will be duped into thinking it’s worth something. Adams also notes that they will prioritize “culturally relevant diets” for illegal aliens. They’re picky eaters, you see. We wouldn’t want the taxpayer-funded cuisine to disappoint the people who jumped our border. That would be downright cruel.  

These programs are a fantastic way to get illegal aliens and their children accustomed to government handouts as soon as they step foot in America while making sure they eventually vote for politicians who promise to keep the gravy train running.

Mass migration is also creating a new brazen crime wave. One recent example is the brutal assault of two New York City police officers by a mob of illegal aliens. Not to be upstaged by Eric Adams’ tough approach, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul finally put her foot down in response to this crime. When asked if deportation for these men should be on the table, Hochul said it “should be looked at” and was “definitely worth checking into.” Instead, the illegals responsible for the assault were released without bail, flipped their middle fingers to the media’s cameras, and fled to California.

It’s worth considering that if Joe Biden’s America has become such a joke that illegals will beat the tar out of police officers in broad daylight without fear, maybe some of them are convinced they can also get away with voting.

Can Republicans Win This Demographic?

It is sometimes said that because a large percentage of illegal aliens are Hispanic, Republicans can win them over as conservative cultural values are common in the Hispanic community. This theory remains unproven. It assumes cultural values supersede financial incentives, and it would require assimilation on a massive scale.

Assimilation is no longer celebrated by America’s institutions as it’s been replaced by the left’s religious tenets of diversity, multiculturalism, and “anti-whiteness.” As our nation becomes more diverse, tribal politics pay dividends for the left, and as racial animosity ensues, our country becomes a powder keg waiting to blow. This is hardly an environment that could cultivate the kind of integration required to assimilate tens of millions of people while simultaneously trying to assimilate the more than 1 million legal immigrants we take in every year.

The “conservative cultural values” argument also assumes that cultural values supersede financial incentives. Illegal aliens (and many recent legal immigrants) are poor with little or no skills, and whatever skills they possess will become less valuable over time as AI and other technologies displace low-skilled workers. Dependence on welfare programs will increase as a result, and despite whatever conservative cultural values these people may or may not hold, how likely is it that a majority will consistently vote in one election after another to eliminate checks and in-kind benefits they receive from the government?

More importantly, whether most illegal aliens will eventually assimilate is likely a pointless debate. Because the nation is in such dire straits, we cannot afford to wait a generation or two for the mere possibility that assimilation will occur on a grand scale. If the Democrat Party of today (and especially of tomorrow) were to gain even temporary control of the federal government that included a supermajority in the Senate, the damage inflicted would be irreparable. If they were to succeed in establishing a new coalition of voters who usher in sweeping victories, the left would no longer fear electoral consequences for their increasingly deranged policies, and their lunacy would know no bounds.

For these reasons and more, the next president must mobilize the federal government to deport as many illegal aliens as possible, beginning with violent criminals and the most recent arrivals. Our asylum system, which is scammed by millions of foreign nationals, must be scrapped, and we need a southern border wall. Our current trajectory is not sustainable, and while the task will be difficult, it is far better than watching the greatest civilization that’s ever existed go down the drain because we didn’t want to be perceived as “mean.”

It is not righteous or morally defensible to destroy our nation because we don’t want to inconvenience people who break our laws by coming here illegally. We must become a nation that enforces its most basic and necessary feature — its borders.  

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