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Here’s What Democrats Had To Say About The Border Wall When Trump Was President


After two and a half years of having millions of illegal immigrants pour across America’s southern border, the Biden administration finally decided to resume construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall on Thursday.

The Department of Homeland Security’s announcement that it plans to “rebuild a portion of the fortification” in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas came as quite a surprise, given that Biden pledged during his presidential run that there would “not be another foot of wall constructed [under his] administration.” Then again, the Delaware Democrat has never been known as someone who tells the truth.

Aside from failed presidential candidates like Robert Francis O’Rourke, very few Democrats have openly criticized Biden for authorizing continued construction of the border wall. Given Democrat politicos’ knack for conveniently forgetting what side of an issue they held two minutes ago, it seems only fair to remind them — and the rest of the country — what they had to say about the issue when Trump was president.

Nancy Pelosi

Ahead of the 2019 government shutdown over border security, the then-House speaker didn’t mince words when criticizing Trump amid his insistence that Congress fund new wall construction along the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact, Pelosi called the wall “an immorality” and claimed it is “the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly.”

“I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea — unless this has something to do with something else,” she said.

Karine Jean-Pierre

The infamous KJP had some choice words for Trump’s wall before becoming Biden’s White House press secretary.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Amid the 2020 Covid outbreak, the Leninist girl scout from New York claimed the wall was a “xenophobic campaign stunt … that falls down in the wind.”

Elizabeth Warren

America’s favorite fake Indian referred to Trump’s wall as “racist” during a 2020 CNN town hall and introduced legislation to redirect funds allocated for the project towards the government’s Covid response.

Chuck Schumer

Schumer has repeatedly referred to the border wall as “expensive” and “ineffective.”

Ilhan Omar

The Democrat Minnesota congresswoman — who routinely espouses her hatred for Jewish people — had something to say about racism in May 2020.

Bernie Sanders

Much like his fellow socialists in Congress, the Vermont senator called Trump’s wall “racist” and accused the former president of “ripping babies from their mothers” and instituting a “Muslim ban.”

Kamala Harris

Before she became vice president and Biden’s “border czar,” then Sen. Kamala Harris called Trump’s wall “wasteful” and a “vanity” project several times throughout the 2019 government shutdown. She additionally referred to it as “stupid” and “useless.”

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