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3 Facts To Arm You Against Global Elites’ Biggest ‘Climate Crisis’ Lies

Climate-related deaths are down 99 percent worldwide over the past 100 years — thanks largely to fossil fuels, capitalism, and human innovation.


United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres declared that “Humanity has opened the gates of hell” during his opening remarks at the Climate Ambition Summit in New York on Sept. 20. The event followed two days of meetings attended by global elites. 

Scientists and experts have been making catastrophic climate predictions like these for decades — often relying on flawed models endorsed by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — which have been consistently proven wrong. 

“Horrendous heat is having horrendous effects. Distraught farmers watching crops carried away by floods, sweltering temperatures spawning disease, and thousands fleeing in fear as historic fires rage,” the U.N. chief continued, pinning the blame on fossil fuels.

In another bizarre moment, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky apparently figured now would be a good time to leave his war-torn country and embark on a trip halfway around the world to lecture Americans about reducing their carbon emissions.

Zelensky said that “humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives,” as he addressed the 78th session of the U.N. General Assembly. “This means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes.” He then claimed that “islands and countries” would soon “disappear underwater.” 

An ‘Existential Threat’ Causing ‘Climate Anxiety’

President Joe Biden also took to the podium at the U.N. where he called for increased public and private sector investment in green-energy solutions to help “climate-proof the world,” adding that his administration “has treated this crisis as an existential threat from the moment we took office not only for us but for all of humanity.” 

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris told an audience in Pennsylvania that young people are experiencing something called “climate anxiety.” They are questioning “whether it makes sense for you to even think about having children, whether it makes sense for you to think about aspiring to buy a home because what will this climate be?” 

What Harris didn’t mention was that a study published earlier this year found that those who are the most worried about climate change tend to know the least about it. According to the findings, “people who know more … about the environment in general, and about climate in particular, are less … anxious about climate change.” 

If Harris and others like her were actually concerned about so-called climate anxiety and its effects on a generation of young Americans, they would stop with the irresponsible rhetoric immediately. They would stop using fearmongering and alarmism as a means to gain even more political power for themselves. 

They might even consider doing what — of all people — billionaire Bill Gates did recently: tell the truth. “There’s a lot of climate exaggeration,” Gates noted during an interview at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit last week. He went on to say, “Climate is not the end of the planet. So, the planet is going to be fine.”

Despite the barrage of apocalyptic messages and relentless lying from global elites, here are three quick facts you should know about the climate. 

1. Wildfire Rates Have Declined Since 2001

As smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed parts of the United States this summer, Biden wasted no time politicizing the issue. He told Americans, without offering a shred of evidence, that the fires were a “stark reminder of the impacts of climate change.” Even the IPCC has refused to positively link wildfires to climate change. 

In a tweet that garnered more than 1.3 million views back in June, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the same claim. “Year after year, with climate change, we’re seeing more and more intense wildfires,” he said.

This is patently false. In reality, the data show that global wildfires are burning at their lowest rate in decades. 

2. Hurricanes Are Becoming Less Frequent

A recent New York Times headline quipped, “DeSantis, Leading a State Menaced by Climate Change, Shrugs Off the Threat.” The article attempts to paint Florida’s Republican governor as a so-called climate denier. The authors wrote that “scientists say that the hurricanes battering his state are being intensified by man-made global warming.” 

Tellingly, the authors didn’t mention which scientists. Perhaps they didn’t say because both the severity and frequency of landfall hurricanes in the U.S. are actually decreasing slightly, not increasing, according to more than a century of reliable data. 

3. Climate-Related Deaths Are Down

Death and destruction are always on the horizon for climate alarmists. Or so we’re told. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., famously predicted, “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Activist Greta Thunberg tweeted in 2018 that “climate change will wipe out all of humanity” within the next five years.

Perhaps the single most important fact to keep in mind when it comes to the doomsday climate cult is this one: Climate-related deaths are down 99 percent worldwide over the past 100 years — thanks largely to fossil fuels, capitalism, and human innovation.

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