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Instagram Slaps ‘False’ Label On The Federalist’s Accurate Reporting About Meat-Banning Goals

Instagram censorship
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The Federalist was punished because globalist bureaucrats, politicians, and corporations do not want the masses to know about the Orwellian motives behind the climate agenda.


Instead of addressing the “vast pedophile network” allegedly thriving on Instagram, the platform is focussing its time on defaming and censoring The Federalist for exposing the globalist, Michael Bloomberg-run “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,” which has an “ambitious target” of limiting clothing consumption and banning meat, dairy, and private vehicle ownership by 2030.

On Tuesday, Instagram slapped a “false” label on a reel I made exposing the 14 American cities that are part of C40 and its disturbing goals, using a Politifact “fact-check” of a separate Instagram user and media site to purposely and deceptively discredit my factual reporting.

In the “fact-check” article attached to my Instagram post, Politifact links to a article and an Instagram post that both read, “Fourteen major American cities  signed onto a globalist climate agreement… that includes eliminating meat and dairy consumption, private vehicle ownership, air travel, and clothing purchases.” Politifact accuses and the Instagram user of “distort[ing]” the C40 report because C40 “does not say U.S. cities have signed onto these bans.”

Politifact purposely did not engage with my Instagram post or my article it was based on because I did not say the C40 cities “signed onto” any bans. Instead, I quoted C40 explicitly, stating that C40’s dystopian aims are “ambitious targets.”

Another reason Politifact avoided directly addressing my reporting is that I anticipated a fact-check and included in my article a rebuttal to previous fact-checks that made nearly identical claims. 

Quoting C40 representative Grace Chege, Politifact wrote, “The report is an analysis of consumption-based emissions in C40 cities, not a plan for cities to adopt, let alone a legally binding treaty.”

Preemptively responding to a very similar AFP Fact Check article from July, I wrote that the fact checkers’ false characterization of C40’s goals directly contradicts the meaning of an ambitious “target,” which in this context can be defined as a “desired goal.” The report states that eliminating meat, dairy, and private vehicles by 2030 is “based on a future vision of resource-efficient production and extensive changes in consumer choices,” meaning it is something the authors clearly hope to bring about. In other words, it is their goal.

“If these were not their goals, they would not have labeled them ‘ambitious targets,’” I wrote in its original article. 

I also noted that the fact-checkers’ insistence that C40 Cities’ explicit climate goals are somehow insincere is even more unbelievable, given they are coming to fruition right now. In lockstep with C40 Cities’ 2030 aims, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced this year that the city will cut back the amount of meat and dairy served by city institutions, such as schools and prisons. At the same time, the U.K. has banned the sale of new gas-powered vehicles after 2030, and France has banned short-haul flights “to cut carbon emissions.”

Poltifact’s fact-check of and the other Instagram user is equally unfair because it is based on a technicality. C40’s report doesn’t need to be signed by the C40 cities because C40 is essentially the C40 cities — the cities’ climate-obsessed mayors make up the C40 network. 

The Politifact fact-checkers wanted to censor my Instagram post without actually addressing the Instagram post, which is based on my precise reporting that already addressed the claims of the fact-check. 

Another reason Politifact likely did not want to directly confront my reporting is that I pointed out that the climate mafia’s goals have nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with social control. In the original article, I discussed how climate activists at C40 and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are constantly devising plans to radically limit air travel for us common folk, while they galavant across the globe and to climate summits in private jets. 

I also mentioned how the WEF said that by 2030, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Meanwhile, hedge funds and private billionaires are buying up residential homes and farmland all over the world, and unrealistic zero-emissions policies are impoverishing Westerners and annihilating the middle class, which is fueling reliance on centralized government. 

Globalist bureaucrats, politicians, and corporations do not want the masses to know about the Orwellian motives behind the climate agenda, so they enlist their friends in Big Tech to slap fact-checks on people telling the truth, using word games, technicalities, and flat-out lies. 

No one agreed to make Politifact, Instagram, or Google (which funds both C40 and Politifact) the arbiters of truth. Politifact can fact-check me, just like I can fact-check Politifact. The difference is that Politifact’s “fact-checks” are used by tech giants to censor opposition media. Essentially, Meta and Politifact have a monopoly on the so-called truth in the digital public square. 

Nothing I said in my article or my video was false, but Instagram used Politifact to label my post as “false” anyway. This is defamation, and The Federalist and I should be allowed to sue Meta for portraying us as liars. 

We are not allowed to sue Meta, however, because the company is afforded immunity under Section 230, which claims social media companies are platforms even though they are clearly publishers. The federal government, bought and sold by globalist forces at C40 and the WEF, won’t be fixing Section 230 anytime soon. It isn’t interested in holding Meta accountable because it uses Meta and other platforms to do its bidding

George Orwell once said, “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” I exposed the fraud. I shed light on their terrifying, anti-humanist goals by telling the truth, so they tried to shut me down with force.

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