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Comer: Oversight Committee To Subpoena Biden Family Over Alleged Influence Peddling Scandal 

Biden James Comer
Image CreditBenny Johnson/X

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer announced Thursday that his committee is planning to subpoena Biden family members, including President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, over the growing evidence that the Bidens traded influence over American foreign policy for millions of dollars.

“We are going to subpoena the [Biden] family,” Comer told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, adding, however, that he does not have a specific timeline for the subpoena because the committee wants “to talk to about three or four more associates first.”

“We’ve been communicating with a couple of them,” Comer continued. “We’re trying to bring them in just like we did Devon Archer for a transcribed interview. If they don’t come in voluntarily, then they’ll be subpoenaed.” Devon Archer, a former Biden family business partner, testified to the Oversight Committee last week that foreign oligarchs hired Hunter Biden to buy access to politicians, such as his father, then-VP Joe Biden.

According to bank records released by the Oversight Committee Wednesday, the Bidens obtained more than $20 million from oligarchs in foreign countries including Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The documents also reveal how the family funneled money through several shell companies to hide “the source and size of the payments.”

“This is a complicated case, and we’re being obstructed every step of the way by the Department of Justice, by the FBI, by the Secret Service, by the IRS, and by the Biden family attorneys,” said Comer. 

Comer explained that Biden’s lawyers are “making it harder and harder to get bank records on the [Biden] shell companies, [they’re] threatening the banks, [and] they’re threatening the people whose names were on some of those shell companies along with the Bidens.”

“What we’re seeing every day behind the scenes from the Department of Justice, from the FBI, from the Biden attorneys, and from the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, should make every American sick of their stomach,” added Comer.

The Department of Justice has engaged in particularly significant, criminal interference in investigations related to the Biden family’s business dealings. For months, the FBI illegally hid from Congress a key document related to the bribery scandal. The document, which was finally released to the public by House Republicans in July, details allegations recorded by a “highly credible” confidential human source that then-VP Joe Biden and Hunter Biden accepted $5 million each from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

The source also claims that the Burisma executive behind the bribery scheme allegedly kept 15 audio recordings of conversations between him and Hunter Biden and two recordings of conversations between him and then-Vice President Joe Biden as an “insurance policy.”

Meanwhile, IRS whistleblowers are claiming that officials within the Department of Justice purposely slow-walked and eventually terminated an investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes. The tax crimes, which involve millions of dollars, were allegedly committed around the same time as the bribery scandal, suggesting that the DOJ purposely sabotaged the IRS investigation to protect the Bidens by preventing agents from uncovering the bribery scandal.

Despite the explosive revelations and the widespread government obstruction, Comer emphasized how the media refuse to keep the American people informed, allowing Biden to continue to get away with insisting he has had nothing to do with his son’s business dealings. “I wish the media would ask the president, ‘What exactly did your family do to receive this $21 million that the House Oversight Committee has proven?’” Comer said. “[Biden] just continues to say, well, ‘that’s a lie, that’s not true.’ We have their bank records, Maria. Bank records don’t lie.”

The documents released Wednesday are the third installment of bank records from the committee. Comer told Bartiromo that the committee is not intimidated by the deep state, the Bidens, or the Biden lawyers, and the American people can expect the committee to produce more evidence “about every two weeks.”

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