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Associated Press Poll Is Corporate Media’s Latest Language-Twisting Exercise In Advancing Abortion Extremism

March For Life
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Corporate media is not interested in telling Americans the full story — which is why the nation’s trust in outlets remains near record lows and at least half of the country believes the press deliberately misleads them. The media’s flailing track record on abortion polls proves to be no exception.

The Associated Press is the latest corporate media outlet to twist abortion poll results in favor of Democrats’ abortion extremism. Its new poll claims that, just one year after the Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs v. Jackson decision, “most adults still believe that abortion should be legal and most are in favor of Congress guaranteeing access to legal abortion.”

The outlet maintains that “most Democrats say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while most Republicans think it should be illegal in most or all cases.” What the AP’s coverage of its survey barely mentions is that a majority of U.S. adults are not on board with Democrats’ radical legalization of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, despite the left’s incessant attempts to normalize their belief that abortion should be available on demand and taxpayers should fund it.

In fact, according to a Gallup poll, slightly more than half of Americans support a 15-week abortion ban like the one Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced last year, not Democrats’ abortion-up-until-birth extremism. Only later in the AP’s article does it admit that Americans are split on whether abortion should be legal at 15 weeks of gestation. That number drops to 27 percent at 24 weeks, mere weeks after viability begins.

Despite Americans’ true and consistent feelings about ending life in the womb, something 41 percent of Americans say is morally unacceptable, corporate media use many tactics in polling to advance the left’s abortion agenda.

“The media generally frame their coverage in a way that lines up with Democratic messaging, labeling any protections for the unborn as an outright ‘ban,’” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser recently wrote for The Hill. “Even laws that allow for abortions for any reason for five full months get the absurd misnomer ’20-week ban.’ In case they missed it, the dictionary definition of ‘ban’ is ‘to forbid someone to do something.’ In no state are all abortions forbidden. Every state that has enacted life-affirming laws makes some exceptions.”

The same scheming occurs when corporate media refuse to call deadly abortion procedures and policies what they are. In its poll, AP not only circumvents the scientifically proven reality of life in the womb, but it also dehumanizes women by using terms like “pregnant person.”

The AP’s language swaps are a deliberate dilution of the issue designed to distract voters from the real consequences of abortion.

Since Dobbs, tens of thousands of unborn babies have been saved. If congressional Democrats, with the help of corporate media, legalize abortion through all nine months, that number would decrease significantly. Not only that, but the majority of Americans who want abortion restricted at least to the first trimester will be overlooked in favor of partisan radicalism.

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