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Leftists In Israel Offer Lesson On Actual Book Banning With Protests Of Author Abigail Shrier


While American leftists cry victim over alleged “book banning” in K-12 classrooms, far-left activists in Israel are showing the world what actual book banning looks like.

Abigail Shrier’s bestseller went on sale in Israel this week. The book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, peels back the curtain on the Western outbreak of transgenderism as a social contagion. On Twitter, Shrier documented how the rollout went in Israel.

“Bowing to LGBTQ+ activist pressure, the two largest book chains refused to carry the book, which made it hard to buy in Israel,” Shrier wrote. After hundreds of people registered for a paid event, “PRIDE bullied two large venues in Tel Aviv to cancel my talk, threatening to boycott those venues for all of PRIDE month if they allowed me to speak.”

The event was moved to a suburb, Shrier added, where a venue with lower capacity forced away more than a hundred ticket holders.

“Attendees had to walk through a throng of hundreds of enraged, protesters screaming, blaring horns and banging drums,” Shrier wrote. “One protester rushed the stage and had to be wrestled to the ground by audience members.”

Leftists in America, meanwhile, are claiming that Republican-passed restrictions on pornographic books for children are an exercise in totalitarian censorship. Never mind the 2020 cultural revolution wherein activists waged war on the classics such as Gone With the Wind.

There is no shortage of headlines claiming Republicans — mainly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who announced his campaign for president last week — are hellbent on banning books.

“Florida at Center of Debate as School Book Bans Surge Nationally,” read an April headline from The New York Times.

“Presidential hopeful DeSantis inspires push to make book bans easier in Republican-controlled states,” read another in the Associated Press on Friday.

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In March, Federalist Senior Editor David Harsanyi explained that “there are no banned books.”

“For the left, the banned book claim is a political racket, allowing them to feign indignation over the alleged ‘authoritarianism’ of Republicans who don’t want kids reading identitarian pseudohistories or books depicting oral sex, rape, violence, or gender dysphoria in their schools,” Harsanyi wrote. “Books are banned in Tennessee in the same way a person can’t say the word ‘gay’ in Florida. It’s a myth.”

No one knows more about modern book banning, however, than Shrier, who documented her book’s debut with an essay in The Free Press two years ago titled, “The Books Are Already Burning.”

“Since publication, I have faced fierce opposition — not just to the ideas presented, challenged, or explored — but to the publication of the book itself,” Shrier wrote. “A top lawyer for the ACLU called for it to be banned. Powerful organizations like GLAAD have lobbied against it and pressured corporations — Target and Amazon among others — to remove Irreversible Damage from their virtual shelves.”

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