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Texas Coffee Shop Known For ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash

The overwhelmingly conservative West Texas community did not take kindly to the coffeehouse misrepresenting the values of its citizens.


The Wolfforth, Texas coffee shop that faced immense backlash for regularly hosting sexually explicit events and handing out Plan B to minors is closing its doors.

The owners of Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse, which describes itself as a “brave space” business, announced this week that they hope to sell the shop infamous for its embrace of leftist politics “asap.” Several commenters lamented the loss of the coffeehouse, while others begged the owners to sell to someone who shares Tumbleweed and Sage’s “values and morals.”

Pro-life group West Texas for Life, which helped Wolfforth’s neighboring city Lubbock become a sanctuary city for life in 2021, credited the community as the reason for the closure.

“We are glad to see that the people of West Texas refused to support a coffee shop that handed out abortion causing drugs. We had hoped to see them repent and use their business for the glory of God,” the organization’s Facebook post states. “Instead of rejoicing in their suffering, we ask that you pray that they would be converted to know and love Christ!”

Tumbleweed and Sage began its tenure in the Lubbock, Texas suburb in 2020 by selling coffee, hosting book-themed events, and promoting its holiday treat selection. By 2022, the coffeehouse, which is located directly across the street from a local high school, pivoted towards advancing leftism by partnering with LubbockPRIDE to host “family-friendly” drag queen story hours.

Shortly after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Tumbleweed and Sage also partnered with Texas pro-abortion group Jane’s Due Process — whose primary mission is to help minors travel out of state to obtain abortions — to hand out at least 100 kits containing two Plan B pills, two condoms, a pregnancy test, and an “instruction pamphlet.”

“The issue of contraception hits close to home now that I have first-hand experience of being a mother,” the owner, a former field director for the Democrat Party, wrote in an article for Newsweek.

Tumbleweed and Sage’s decision to give free drugs to whoever asked for them prompted an investigation by the local police department.

The overwhelmingly conservative West Texas community also did not take kindly to Tumbleweed and Sage’s attempts to misrepresent the values of its citizens and flooded the coffeehouse with statements, phone calls, emails, and even peaceful protests showcasing their objections to events and materials that sexualize children.

The coffeehouse owners returned the community’s criticism with complaints to corporate media that Lubbockites are merely “stuck in their ways.” They also planned LGBT-themed counterprotests in their parking lot.

By December of 2022, however, Tumbleweed and Sage’s tune had slightly changed. Faced with increasing boycotts over their recent activism, the coffeehouse turned to local news outlets to complain that they were not getting as much business as they expected.

“I sat back and I thought, is this the reason we’re slow?” the owner wondered before brushing off the slump as a problem facing more businesses than hers.

Tumbleweed and Sage’s fear that their political activism would hamper business opportunities in the conservative town came to life again in January 2023 when their plans for a second location in the Lubbock Downtown Center of South Plains College, a public community college with several campuses across the Texas panhandle, were canceled by the school just one week after they received the keys.

“I am super heartbroken to announce that we will not be moving into the SPC downtown location. They called us today and they terminated our contract. The reason being is our volunteer affiliation with Jane’s Due process,” the owner wrote on Instagram. “I honestly don’t know what to be more upset about, losing an opportunity that we really needed to help our business. Or to know that a public college who ‘doesn’t like our politics’ has tons of women students who depend on them.”

Despite losing out on a second location reportedly because of its partnership with pro-abortion groups, Tumbleweed and Sage continued to host politically charged rallies and sexually explicit events.

Just last week, the coffeehouse hosted a “Birds and Bees PJ Party” which featured sex-themed drinks, sex toy demonstrations, and phallic-themed art.

“It is labeled as an adult event but it is up to your discretion to bring your teens and what nots,” the Instagram post promoting the event states.

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