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In Super Bowl Halftime Performance, Pregnant Rihanna Proved Pro-Lifers Right

Rihanna performs Super Bowl halftime show
Image CreditNFL / YouTube

“Rihanna’s unintentionally pro-life Super Bowl performance” was not on my bingo card for Sunday night’s game. Ahead of Rihanna’s highly anticipated halftime show, she teased that a “surprise guest” would be joining her onstage. Fans guessed an appearance from rapper and partner, A$AP Rocky, or frequent collaborator, Drake; none expected it to be her unborn baby.

The opening shot of the nationally televised performance showed Rihanna in a zipped-down red jumpsuit, accentuating a baby bump which she rubbed while singing. The Twittersphere lit up with speculation, and reps of the pop star soon confirmed the rumors of her second pregnancy with A$AP Rocky.

Even more unexpected than the announcement was the pro-life message that Rihanna’s performance reinforced. It is possible to have a successful career and have a baby, contrary to the popular narrative fueled by the abortion lobby that women cannot achieve full “success” and be mothers at the same time.

Unfortunately, the key factor that determined Rihanna’s performance as a story of empowerment is the fact that she wants her baby. In any similar situation where the child is unwanted, pro-abortion advocates call upon a woman’s made-up “right to choose” to end her preborn baby’s life in exchange for the mother’s desired lifestyle. 

Despite the pop star’s history of being pro-abortion, her performance and career are a testament to a woman’s ability to embrace motherhood and achieve career success. A platinum-selling artist whose music continues to dominate the charts after more than a decade, a survivor of domestic abuse, and the founder of one of the biggest beauty brands in the world, Rihanna is nothing short of accomplished, and the birth of her first child in May 2022 did not halt her success. Rather, Rihanna’s career debunks the notion that abortion is necessary for women to achieve success in their professions.

Rihanna’s surprise baby announcement stole the show Sunday night, distracting from the fact that the actual performance left something to be wanted. Fans noticed iconic songs such as “Disturbia” or “Don’t Stop the Music” were missing. I wished the showstopping factor was not limited to the platforms levitating 60 feet above the field, and the memes that proliferated from the fleets of dancers running in unison in white outerwear were to be expected.

Still, the halftime show was devoid of satanic rituals a la the Grammys, so I’ll count my wins where I can. While our headliner may not have brought the same energy as past halftime performances (I’m looking at you, Left Shark), knowing Rihanna is expecting makes her halftime performance that much more impressive.

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