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Study Finds Republicans Happier In Their Marriages Than Democrats

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Image CreditMin An/Pexels

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, a new study from the Survey Center On American Life found that Republican men and women are significantly happier in marriage than their Democrat counterparts. According to the survey, “Republican men report being most satisfied in their relationships, while Democratic women report being the least.”

Forty-eight percent of the surveyed Republican men stated that they are “completely satisfied” in their marriage, and 42 percent of Republican married women said they are “completely satisfied.” On the flip side, only 36 percent of Democrat-married men and 29 percent of Democrat-married women said they are “completely satisfied” with their marriage. 

Republicans and Democrats view gender roles dramatically differently. Republicans tend to embrace traditional gender roles, while Democrats tend to question them. Modern liberal Democrats attribute gender roles to established social norms they deem “oppressive.” This leaks into their relationships, often causing some to purposely flip traditional gender roles on their heads. On TikTok, videos titled “life of a stay-at-home husband” or “life of a trophy husband” are an entire genre.

It’s official that “stay-at-home husbands” are in, while concepts like “the man is the head of the household” are offensive and out. Masculinity is toxic and “stay-at-home mom” is code for slave. Unfortunately for progressives, men and women’s differing yet complementary skills and talents are not a construct but rooted in human biology, and fighting nature will never make one happy.

Indeed, conservatives’ comparatively greater happiness goes beyond marriage. The 2022 American Family Survey found that thirty-seven percent of conservative men reported they are “completely satisfied” with their lives versus twenty-one percent of liberal men.

The largest discrepancy is between women. Liberal women are the least happy, with only 15 percent stating they are “completely satisfied” in their lives, contrasted with 31 percent of conservative women. Liberal women were also the most likely to report feeling “completely dissatisfied” with their lives, while conservative women were the least.

For decades, progressives have espoused that focusing on one’s career, holding off on marriage and children, and overthrowing gender norms would make people—particularly women— happier. 

A 2022 Bloomberg article claims that “women who stay single and don’t have kids are getting richer” than their married with children counterparts. Bloomberg uses personal testimonies to insist unmarried, childless women have a “deep sense of satisfaction” from their work and “financial freedoms,” but none of that is backed up by the data.

Conservative couples know traditional values and lifestyles are the best at cultivating loving and fulfilling lives. No conservative couples on Valentine’s Day need to be told twice that they’ve made better life choices than the careerist cat lady or the trophy husband. 

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