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Ohio Senate Candidate Tim Ryan Touted Plans To Eliminate Coal As ‘Amazing’

Ohio Congressman and Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan called the elimination of coal ‘amazing’ when running for president in 2019.


Ohio Congressman and Democrat Senate candidate Tim Ryan touted a left-wing proposal to eliminate coal-fired power plants as an “amazing plan” when running for president in 2019.

During a New Hampshire candidate forum with Maryland Democrat Rep. John Delaney, Ryan championed the climate package put forward by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, also seeking the Democrat nomination, as model legislation for a new administration. The plan, outlined by the New York Times, centers on phasing out coal within 10 years.

“Inslee’s plan does not chart a forgiving path for coal,” the paper reported. “It calls for retiring what it labels as the ‘increasingly uneconomical U.S. coal fleet’ by 2030.”

According to the Ohio Coal Association, the coal industry employs 33,000 Ohioans whose jobs would be wiped out if the Democrat’s plan were successfully implemented.

Ryan called the proposal in New Hampshire “one of the most amazing plans around climate.”

The Ohio congressman didn’t have to vote for Inslee’s climate plan, however, to sabotage the state’s coal industry. In August, Ryan voted for President Joe Biden’s colossal climate and social spending package dubiously named the Inflation Reduction Act. The law includes a pair of tax credits, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Production Tax Credit (PTC), that pay utilities to shut down coal plants in favor of wind turbines and solar panels.

Ryan’s Republican opponent for the open Senate seat vacated by retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman, venture capitalist J.D. Vance, has repeatedly knocked the congressman from northeast Ohio as a Washington rubber stamp for the Democrats’ agenda. According to FiveThirtyEight, Ryan has voted with the Biden administration 100 percent of the time during his latest term in Congress.

“That rising energy price that people see at the pump, that they see in their utility bills, that our farmers see when they’re paying more for diesel — that was the direct result of policies enacted by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and supported 100 percent by Time Ryan,” Vance said in a debate earlier this month.

When asked on Fox News last week about his “first order of business” as a U.S. senator, Vance said unleashing American energy was a top priority.

“I think the border is right up there, but the thing that we really need to do is open up Ohio and America’s energy sector because I think that brings down the cost of inflation,” Vance said. “It also makes us less reliant on the worst regimes in the world to get our power, to get our energy.”

Republican State Rep. Don Jones represents Ohio’s top coal-producing county in the legislature, Harrison County.

“As we head into winter, people are paying through the roof to heat their homes,” Jones told The Federalist. “They have anti-energy liberals like Tim Ryan to thank for that. Any plan to eliminate coal-fired power plants is wrong for southeast Ohio.”

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