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My Children Will Not Get the Covid Shot No Matter What The CDC Recommends 

CDC director conducts interview in purple jacket
Image CreditNBC News/YouTube

I will not allow my child’s body to be used by the CDC, the FDA, or the federal government as a testing site. 


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisory committee unanimously voted to add the Covid-19 shot to the growing list of recommended childhood vaccines this week. Most states follow this recommended immunization schedule when developing vaccine requirements for schools and childcare facilities. Unfortunately, not all vaccines are created equal.

Most of the standard scheduled shots have had decades, entire lifetimes to go through long-term trial-and-error. The Covid-19 shot did not even receive standard clinical trial evaluations, and this is just one factor in my family’s decision to avoid the new shot at all costs. 

Clinical research is necessary to determine if medical substances used to treat illnesses and diseases are safe. They have four phases that often span between five to seven years to ensure that drugs produce desired results and improve the health and wellness of patients safely and effectively.  

The information gathered during each phase is used to evaluate and improve treatments in order to determine if medicines should be approved for mass consumption. Thanks to the Emergency Use Authorization policy — spawned from 9/11 response and beyond — the federal government gave the FDA the power to fast-track drug production and availability without properly testing substances for life-altering and life-threatening side effects on a long-term scale. 

As we all know, this policy was utilized to create and market the Covid-19 vaccines. Now, the CDC has voted to add the shot to the list of recommended vaccines for children. This means that public schools will likely require them soon, and unfortunately, many private schools as well. 

Public Acceptance of Medical Tyranny 

While private schools became a trusted education alternative for families throughout the pandemic, masking and social distancing policies were put in place even at these institutions. I know this because my niece was placed in a Catholic school to avoid the Covid hysteria. My sister believed that this would afford her daughter not only a proper education but also the protected right to breathe freely. Sadly, that was not the case.   

Churches, synagogues, and other places of worship were not immune to fears of the virus. It was understandable at the start of the pandemic, but as time went on and more and more evidence revealed that Covid-19 wasn’t as deadly as predicted and childhood deaths from Covid were a rarity, these policies remained in place. 

Children have been continuously abused for the sake of adults who abandoned the ability to calculate personal risk. Lockdowns and other Covid policies have caused developmental delays, mental health issues, and physical ailments in children that will affect them for the rest of their lives.   

While the Nuremberg Code still exists and was designed to protect individuals from forced medical experimentation and/or coercion after WWII, these protections have been side-stepped and forgotten. Across the nation teachers, doctors, politicians, corporations, and celebrities have spent two years bullying, badgering, and harassing anyone who even dares to question these new vaccines. And now the CDC is focusing renewed efforts on children.   

But those of us who refuse to fall prey to schoolyard antics will not be moved by public opinions or ad campaigns. Those of us who homeschool or challenge school boards will not let this new measure continue to harm our little ones.  

Mama bears and strong fathers know that the health and safety of our children is more important than “fitting in” or living without conflict. We also do our research. The data are out there for every family to read through and make informed decisions for themselves. 

The Data Don’t Lie 

It was reported early on in 2020 that children were rarely harmed, or even affected by Covid-19. It was also discovered that areas with strict lockdown and masking policies did not see any significant difference in deaths or transmission rates. By now, there is plenty of evidence that the virus is not a major threat to healthy children, and that the general public itself may never have been at high risk as most Covid deaths involved those who were already suffering from deadly ailments

In addition, some 86 percent of American children have Covid-19 antibodies already. This number should be celebrated and put parents’ minds at ease. Any medical professional who remembers the true and honest definition of herd immunity should breathe easy knowing that children are safe. 

As if that weren’t helpful enough, we have reached herd immunity. Whether due to the fact that half of the country has been infected with Covid and now has antibodies, or due to the high level of individuals who broke down and got the shot, the nation is sitting at a 94.7 percent antibody rate

There is no honest reason why any doctor or scientist should recommend that children receive the Covid shot. Especially being that it is proving to be more detrimental to our kids than the virus itself. 

Children have only a .0003 percent chance of dying from Covid. While the medical industry claims that developing life-threatening conditions from Covid-19 vaccine injury is rare, the rate at which children are developing issues following the shot is higher than their risk of complications from Covid. While the actual number is still being debated, some medical organizations have recorded it at just under .01 percent while that number is as high as 0.7 percent in young adults, according to Yale Medicine cardiologist Rachel Lampert, MD.  

The data don’t lie. But they can be manipulated, abused, and flat-out ignored. 

Children Are Not Lab Rats

Scientific abuse has been displayed by other newer CDC vaccine recommendations, like their choice to recommend the HPV vaccine for children 11-12 years of age. Similar to Covid, HPV was once marketed as some life-threatening condition sweeping the nation. Yet, the CDC itself also notes, “In most cases (9 out of 10), HPV goes away on its own within two years without health problems.”

So why the push to vaccinate pre-teen children (who are not of legal age to consent to sexual activity) for a sexually transmitted infection? 

It doesn’t make any sense. Especially being that the HPV vaccine has been known to cause numerous injuries such as blood clots, potential cancers, and even death. These serious life-altering side effects have led to a bevy of lawsuits that are still ongoing.   

Knowing all of this information, I cannot subject my children to becoming guinea pigs. I will not allow their bodies to be used by the CDC, the FDA, or the federal government as testing sites. 

The American propagandist obsession with “safety” and conformity has gone too far. Anyone arguing that children should be vaccinated against the virus to protect others must have missed the news that Pfizer’s own president of International Developed Markets admitted their vaccine was never tested for preventing transmissions. It is unclear whether this was due to the lack of proper clinical trial phases, or just plain negligence on the part of the big pharmaceutical company. Regardless, the public was misled by campaigns to vax up for the safety of others. 

Earlier this year an NBC poll found that just 44 percent of respondents trusted the CDC regarding Covid-19, and that number is likely to continue to fall as top government health officials play politics with our children’s lives. Meanwhile, my four children (and the unborn baby in my womb) will be homeschooled and safe from needle pushers who are eager to poke them with whatever new vaccine experiment grows popular in the next public health craze because my husband and I stand in their way. 

Every parent has to do what is best for their children. Some may rush out and get their kids vaccinated, and some may crumble under pressure as schools surely begin to require it, but those of us who remain steadfast are looking toward the future. We will not sacrifice our children at the altar of fear. 

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