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Biden Is Winning And Lizzo Is Healthy

Joe Biden and reporters
Image CreditWhite House / Flickr

Contrary to what your bank and credit card statements might be telling you, did you know that your personal situation is actually in phenomenal shape, thanks to President Joe Biden’s outstanding performance?

I know you’re paying almost $1.00 per gallon more for gas than you did last year (for most of the summer it’s closer to $2.00 more) and that a loved one may have died from Covid, and also that you’re paying more for groceries than you can ever remember. But you’re looking at it all wrong. Your life has gotten better. And it’s because of Biden.

This, for all the angry Twitter people, is called sarcasm.

Other than Ukrainian government officials, no one is doing well because of Biden. We’re suffering, especially the middle class.

Yet the national media keep talking about all these supposed “wins” Biden is racking up, which are in turn going to mitigate what most people had been sure would be a Democrat blowout in November.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow gushed on Sunday over Biden’s “string of successes” of late, and his “recent wins.” Earlier this month, NPR also took note of Biden’s “recent wins.” Politico, too, concluded that Biden is, in fact, “piling up wins.”

Don’t you feel it? All those wins coming right at you! I can hardly keep count.

To be fair, Democrats and their friends in the media really do consider some events of the past few weeks to be “wins,” even if most people don’t. Biden did just spread out billions of dollars in college loan debt among taxpayers, including those who never went to college. He did just sign into law a bill that did nothing to address inflation or gas prices, though it did supersize the Internal Revenue Service and pour yet more buckets of money into the “green energy” sinkhole. Oh, and an achievement Democrats are particularly proud of is the $15 billion (and counting) that the U.S. (you) has sent to Ukraine.

That’s what it feels like to win!*

(*So long as having a savings account and abstaining from a foreign war with minimal American interests isn’t something you care about.)

True, Biden’s approval rating has been ticking up over the course of August, though only to about 42 percent, an embarrassingly low number when you consider just a few weeks ago he was even lower than Donald Trump was at the same point of his presidency.

But the slight upswing is less about his “string of successes” that have actually improved anyone’s lives than it is about angry, bitter Democrats who are impressed he’s made progress on their weird obsessions. They were inconsolable right up until he secured funding for the IRS to harass middle-income earners some more. It put a little pep in their step but that’s all.

They can call it a winning streak. But calling Lizzo healthy doesn’t make it so.

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