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Joe Biden Is Waging War On The Middle Class

Joe Biden calls for returning "dignity to the middle class" during a 2019 Democratic primary debate.
Image CreditPBS NewsHour/YouTube

Now that he’s president, Joe Biden is doing everything possible to destroy what remains of the American middle class.


With the U.S. Senate recently passing the ironically named “Inflation Reduction Act,” the U.S. economy will reach its breaking point, and the middle class will get hit the hardest. While the wealthy continue living a comfortable lifestyle relatively unscathed from the government jackboot, the American middle class finds it increasingly difficult not to fall behind. 

The reality facing millions of middle-class American families in this “new normal” is that they are expected to get used to having less, lower their expectations, and ignore any economic hardships they encounter. 

Joe Biden isn’t for the middle class. If anything, he wants to punish us. He shows the same disdain for middle-class families that he showed to a union worker in Michigan prior to the 2020 election when he was confronted about his stance on the Second Amendment. Biden’s unhinged reaction to this worker was simply a preview of what we see now. This is the real Joe Biden. 

As Americans finally returned to work after the covid lockdowns, gas prices jumped to record highs. Supply-chain disruptions from lack of workers, disorganization at our nation’s ports, and the inability to attain essential parts still make it difficult to stock shelves across the country. 

Biden’s wrongheaded economic policies have caused struggling families to do everything they can to stay afloat. Inflation has caused massive price increases of basic consumer goods, causing more time and resources to be spent trying to stretch household budgets. Subsequently, more than 87 percent of consumers are choosing to buy cheaper store brands or are shopping at different stores to save money.

The rapid rise of inflation is forcing families to deplete their savings so they can simply continue living day-to-day. One study shows that, in recent months, more than 35 percent of Americans have spent money from their savings on basic essentials such as gas and groceries. 

Nevertheless, our elected officials continue to act with rank glibness. For the nonaffluent with sticker shock at energy bills and the gas pump, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, channeled Marie Antoinette, scoffing at middle-class plights while bragging about her new electric vehicle during a hearing in June.

Biden himself stated in a May 23 press conference, “[W]hen it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.” The pain is the point. 

If your idea of the American Dream involves home ownership, be prepared for disappointment. Housing prices are higher than they have been in decades and mortgage interest rates continue to hover around 5 percent — 1.75 points above the start of the year. Volatility in the market contributes to an increasing economic slowdown, which further exacerbates a supply shortage.

The American Dream is anchored in the possibility of upward mobility and the opportunity to improve your quality of life. But in Biden’s America, this is quickly becoming an impossibility, and if you already have kids, your prospects are increasingly grim. 

Despite having a front-row seat to the supply-chain disruptions occurring prior to taking power, the Biden administration did nothing to address the imminent shortage of baby formula. Instead, they shut down one of only a few major domestic suppliers of baby formula with absolutely no plan for making up the inevitable shortage. 

Instead, millions of store shelves across the country sat empty as parents scrambled to find ways to feed their babies. An administration that all but holds babies in contempt was clueless about the national crisis for months until public outcry was too loud to ignore. Despite this shortage being completely avoidable, parents of young children had to drive hours to find baby formula amid $5.00+ gas prices or pay outrageous shipping costs from Amazon Canada. 

These economic and supply woes go together with the feeling permeating average Americans: we are trapped under layers of oppression. Instead of optimism for the future — a proud hallmark of American idealism — the struggle to afford basic necessities has even the most upbeat person hard-pressed to find a silver lining.

According to Gallup’s June polling, a stunning 87 percent of Americans — nearly nine out of ten — are dissatisfied with the direction of the country. This includes a decline among Democrats, whose satisfaction has dropped to 24 percent — down from 46 percent just three months ago.

This ominous mood is justified, especially when Americans face continuous ideological and physical assault in our communities. We also have difficulty escaping bad public schools and crime-ridden communities. 

While the wealthy and politically connected can send their children to exclusive private schools and legacy institutions that are pipelines to greater opportunities and networks of power, average families are forced to surrender their children’s minds to the indoctrination of government schools. If parents raise their concerns about the curriculum, there is a nonzero chance the feds will treat them like domestic terrorists.

The same goes for crime. Politicians and wealthy elites can afford to live in gated communities or hire private security while the American public is subject to record-breaking homicides, carjackings, and other violent crime that erodes their standard of living. The Democrats’ answer isn’t to restore law and order but to throw us to the wolves and have us fend for ourselves. 

What message does it send when a New York City bodega owner and California liquor store owner must rely on their own devices for protection from violent thugs instead of being able to live in peaceful communities? We are increasingly at the mercy of elites who put their interests ahead of the safety and security of the people they are supposed to represent.

Biden is as likely to help the average American family as he is to skip his daily nap. His policies and rhetoric prove that he is a Democratic Party sponge that soaks up radical demands and nanny-state initiatives before wringing out dirty water to drown Americans in chronic malaise and depression. 

On stage before the American people in a 2019 Democrat debate, then-presidential candidate Biden declared, “The middle class is getting killed. The middle class is getting crushed. And the working class has no way up as a consequence of that.” Now that he’s president, Biden is doing everything possible to destroy what remains of the American middle class.

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