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Leftists Claim Everything Is Racist — Except For Actual Race Hatred

Two men biking on beach
Image CreditPixabay/Gregoose

Everything from boulders to cycling, from camping to baseball, have all been criticized as racist, but one slur has been given complete immunity.


If you’ve been tuned into politics for the last several years, you’ve no doubt heard a lot about racism. You’ve been told that America is systemically, systematically, structurally, institutionally, and irrevocably racist. You’ve also heard that millions of Americans are racist, or, at best, that they uphold a racist system through colorblind ignorance. Maybe you’ve even been told that you’re a racist. 

But with claims of racism becoming all the rage, the term has lost its legitimacy. In fact, it seems like almost everything has been branded with the buzzword. Just try Googling “the problem with racism in …” and fill in the blank.

Skiing? Racist. Knitting? Racist. Milk? Racist. Camping, cycling, baseball, fireworks, white male-dominated “cubicle culture” and the NFL draft have all fallen prey to the slur. So, what isn’t racist? Truth is, it’s hard to find things the left won’t call racist.

Can Anything Be Racist?

The University of Wisconsin at Madison provided a telling example of this hysteria when it removed a rare, 42-ton boulder from its campus at the behest of the Black Student Union, which claimed the rock was a “racist monument” all because the student newspaper used a slur to refer to it almost 100 years ago.

This provided justification for the university to spend an estimated $50,000 to remove it. Julianna Bennett, a campus representative for the Madison City Council, said “BIPOC students” can “be proud of our endurance,” and “begin healing” now that it’s gone. If even a boulder can be deemed racist, is there anything that can’t be?

The demand for racism exceeds the supply. If it didn’t, there’d be no need for grand moral crimes to be ascribed to boulders and knitting, nor for falsified hate crimes from the likes of Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett. 

But since such allegations can be taken advantage of by those who shamelessly use racial division as the currency by which they purchase political power or name recognition, they persist.

Are The Arts Racist?

Classical music also is allegedly “inherently racist,” with the Italian Antonio Vivaldi allegedly “participating in the act of destroying culture” and replacing it with “its own white supremacist narrative.” Okay, then.

The art industry is also home to systemic racism, we’re told. No, those lambasting its racism aren’t critiquing Kehine Wiley, the artist who painted Barack Obama’s presidential portrait and had previously painted two pieces in which black women had decapitated white women in what he called a “kill whitey thing.” Nor are they decrying a different image of nude black women carrying the severed heads of white people in a post from @supportblackart that Instagram refused to take down.

There’s also remarkably little uproar about Cleon Peterson, an apparently leftwing artist who has undertaken such massive projects as painting Edmund de Rothschild’s boat and the mural under the Eiffel Tower, both after he had already made a career of painting disturbing, racialized depictions of violence with pieces like “End of Empire,” “Vengeance to Take,” and the series “Blood & Soil.”

Instead, the article complains that the attendees at a “F-ck White Supremacy” silent dance party were too white, an absurd critique that sells all too well among ethno-masochistic white liberals.

We’re told that our film industry is also racist, but such critiques aren’t levied against Jamie Foxx’s comments about getting to “kill all the white people” in “Django Unchained” or the showing of a short film titled “Why Don’t We Murder More White People?” at a taxpayer-funded museum in San Francisco.

Who can forget “Karen” or Netflix’s “Dear White People?” There’s also the series “Cracka,” which was featured on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. It gleefully rewrites history to make white people slaves under the thumbs of black masters, even opening the trailer by fantasizing about sexual assault. Contrast all this with the calls to cancel the no-good, very bad, definitely racist Paw Patrol.

Academia Is Racist Too

Both theater and Ivy League Universities have been dubbed racist, which must make Harvard theater majors some of the most virulent racists, especially if they’re in a fraternity.

But those on the left who are indicting Ivy League institutions on charges of racism aren’t doing so because of affirmative action policies that intentionally, and yes, systematically discriminate against both Asian and white applicants. Nor are they decrying the statements of Yale lecturer Aruna Khilanani, who described her desire to “unload a revolver into the heads” of white people during a lecture to Yale’s School of Medicine. Allegations are rarely levied against the faux-scholarship of critical whiteness studies.

Academia in its entirety has been called racist too, but not because government-funded universities publish openly hateful articles like this, which attack people on account of their immutable characteristics. 

Although the Ivies haven’t been able to avoid the slur, that hasn’t kept institutions like Harvard from weaponizing the term, condemning the health-care industry’s racism, for example. No, they weren’t critiquing Democrat Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s promise to provide government-funded health-care exclusively to African Americans.

The Left Claims America Is Racist

Celebrating certain holidays or expressing national pride are allegedly forms of racism, with the left condemning Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and even the 4th of July. The Betsy Ross flag has been deemed racist by Colin Kaepernick, which resulted in Nike pulling shoes emblazoned with the symbol off the shelves. Sunny Hostin even explained on air that she was disturbed by American flags, saying they send “a message of white supremacy.”

This type of rhetoric shouldn’t be surprising. We’re told that America itself is systemically racist thanks to inherently racist white people. Perhaps this is why many leftists, including white ones like Michael Moore, celebrated when the 2020 Census data found that America’s white population shrank for the first time ever, calling it the “best day ever in U.S. history.”

Even white babies have been deemed racist, and not just by the critical race theorists whom most of this country, including people across races, find repulsive, but by Arizona’s Department of Education. The term has lost meaning, now used as a weapon to indict both our country and an entire population on account of an original sin that stains them from birth.

What Isn’t Racist?

We know these allegations of racism are in bad faith, if for no other reason because legitimate instances of prejudice get completely ignored when noticing the victims would hinder the left’s incessant efforts to divide Americans by their racial backgrounds.

But what does racism even mean to the left? Many claim that racism is the mixture of prejudice plus power, implying that those the left considers powerful can’t be victims of racism while those without power can’t be perpetrators. This is the conventional wisdom in academia.

I put this redefinition to the test with an extreme example when I interviewed a protester, asking “If someone said ‘we should kill white people,’ would that be racist?” She flatly responded, “No.”

We’ve found our answer. One phenomenon has been granted complete immunity: blatant, ugly, system-wide racial animosity is not just tolerable but encouraged by our elite class, so long as you choose politically expedient targets. Everyone knows which targets those are.

The anti-racism movement doesn’t reject, but fosters anti-white racism. There’s a built-in defense too. If the proles push back, just call it “white fragility,” or, better yet, call them racists! This isn’t merely a double standard — it’s an exercise of regime power.

When racism is haphazardly alleged against our country in its totality and an entire group of people, we can be certain the term is now typically devoid of serious meaning, existing only as a rhetorical bludgeon that deserves to be met with derision. Only when we ignore the left’s attempts at manipulation can we reveal an undeniable truth: they aren’t interested in ridding our country of racial hatred, they’re committed to repurposing it.