How Media Distortion Disempowers The American Public

How Media Distortion Disempowers The American Public

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the corporate media distorts key narratives to disempower the American public.

“The media creates this reality in which the standard for what is brutal and horrific is like child separation at the border,” Jashinsky said. “And we know that the media has different standards. What we don’t, I think, fully appreciate is the degree to which they have pushed us to live in a total distortion of reality because their corruption has accelerated and their ideological isolation has accelerated. And we are quite literally, we don’t understand how deep the conditioning runs for the average American who is a decent person with good intentions, but has no idea.”

Bedford said corporate media always wants to blame disinformation on conservatives but they are the biggest purveyors of falsities.

“We live in a ridiculous disinformation society, despite the fact that they all want to talk about that now,” Bedford said. “There’s such a massive level of disinformation and all these different kinds of aspects of what’s considered normal and how quickly it changes. … Suddenly, the vast majority of America that says ‘wait a second, this isn’t normal’ — those are the people who are the radicals because the media says this is radical.” 

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