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Democrats’ Infrastructure Chaos: Spending Spree, Culture War, Or Both?

Bedford and Jashinsky discuss whether the infrastructure and reconciliation bills will pass Congress and if they are spending sprees, culture war, or both.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to break down whether the infrastructure and reconciliation bills will pass Congress and determine if the legislation is a spending spree, culture war, or both.

“They believe that second bill, the budget reconciliation bill is essential because they’re terrified of climate change and they’re terrified of all these things. They cannot really be terrified of climate change. That’s why I like these progressives is because they’re super honest,” Bedford said.

“They’re remaking America,” Jashinsky added.

“It was fairly obvious, I think, to people who pay close attention to the left that they didn’t have the votes,” Jashinsky said. “And again, this will all be blown up probably by something that happens but they fundamentally have this problem where they cannot, with their slim majorities, there’s no way that they can wrangle the progressive caucus because the progressive caucus has learned, time and time again, a lot of this is fissures that go back to the Bernie-Hillary divide. They have learned time and again in the same way that the Freedom Caucus did.”