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Cancel Culture Mob Attacks Carrie Underwood For Liking Anti-Mask Tweet

Carrie Underwood

After “liking” a Matt Walsh tweet criticizing mask mandates for children, Carrie Underwood was ambushed by Twitter’s leftist cancel-culture mob.


The Taliban has seized Kabul, ruthless vaccine mandates are stripping citizens of freedom across the U.S., critical race “theorists” want to corrupt your children’s minds, and Joe Biden is still on vacation. But to Twitter users, none of those issues are more important than country music star Carrie Underwood‘s recent Twitter “likes.”

The singer reportedly “liked” an August 12 tweet by Daily Wire columnist and podcaster Matt Walsh, in which he “spoke out against the cruel and indefensible mask mandate for children.” The tweet is still among Underwood’s current “liked” content on Twitter.

After a Twitter user screenshotted Underwood’s Twitter interactions, users immediately pounced, calling Underwood an “anti-vaxxer,” untrustworthy, trashy, and a slew of other comments.



Underwood, a mother of two, doesn’t usually broadcast her political opinions. One of her most popular songs “Jesus, take the wheel” is about her Christian faith, and although the star has remained relatively hush over her own personal political affiliations, she strictly adheres to that Christian faith, leading many to speculate about conservative leanings.

Many took on the Twitter trolls, rushing to Underwood’s defense.

“Carrie Underwood liked a video about kids not being forced to wear masks – a position totally supported by data – and she’s being called an anti-vaxxer. In case you thought your “nuanced” takes would save you from the leftist cancel mob… they won’t,” tweeted conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey.

Walsh even mocked the insanity, sarcastically noting that “[Underwood] should know better than to indirectly endorse the opinions of an extremist and scoundrel such as myself. Her lack of judgment is appalling. I demand that she renounce me and apologize.”

The singer liked one tweet — and now, she’s another celebrity to fall victim to the cancel-culture leftist mob who attack anyone with views opposing their own.

Maybe next time, she’ll think before she tweets. But hopefully, Underwood will stand strong against the absurd mob activity.