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How America’s Cultural Tensions Were Reflected In The Most Divisive Olympics Ever

Many athletes went to Tokyo with an attitude that was not about winning for their country, said Outkick’s Bobby Burack.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Outkick columnist Bobby Burack joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to break down why Americans on the right and left were less interested in the Olympics this year, why the Simone Biles fiasco sets a dangerous precedent about mental health, and how the corporate media were dishonest in their coverage of the global games.

“The Olympics is such a struggle because I don’t think Americans are ready to root against the American athletes but they’re not willing to root for them anymore so as a result, they have very low interest in the outcomes,” Burack said.

Many athletes, Burack said, went to Tokyo with an attitude that was not about winning for their country. “And that’s just something that, for past events, would be unheard of,” he said.

According to Burack, “politics and sports should not mix.” He continued:

Everybody knows that politics and sports should not mix on the live event level and the decision-makers quickly tried to move away from that stuff but they always come back to it because they don’t have the backbone to fight off the pressure. And until somebody stands up and says, stop listening to social media, stop listening to the New York Times, stop listening to people like Jamal Hill, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and until that happens, I really think that sports are going to continue to be reactionary to outcries across the country in really social media and media circles.

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